Too Much of a Good Thing: an Overdose of Vitamin B12

During World War II, vitamin B12 was given to soldiers before a battle. It was noticed that workers, who were given the vitamin B12, looked calmer. By 1937 manufacturers enriched flour with the vitamin B12. The Medical Institute says that the overdose of vitamin B12 with food doesn't influence the human body in a bad way. The vitamin B12 side effects are very seldom. But they appear when a person suffers from any chronicle disease.

When the vitamin B12 appeared in the medicine it was like thunderstorm in its history. In the beginning of the 20th century doctors made fantastic recovery with the help of the vitamin B12. For example, when a patient who couldn't move and only lied in the bad and was going to die, after the vitamin B12 injections in some days the patient could even get up and in a week he could walk and in a month he came back to the normal life.

It is necessary to take vitamins. They are necessary because:

- People drink alcohol and it affects bad the human body
- Many people smoke and it effects on the quantity of the vitamins in the human body
- Some people like to sit on a diet, but the diet often doesn't include the proper vitamins and iron supplements
- taking antibiotics leads to the vitamin B12 destruction
- The food allergy limits taking some meal, fruits and vegetables. This fact leads to the absence of any vitamins, including the vitamin B12.

There is a public opinion that the high dose of vitamin B12 as high doses of other vitamins can improve the activity of the immune system. The research doesn't have the certain results and the only conclusion. But it is necessary that high doses of the vitamins can lead to the side effects because of vitamin B12 toxicity.

An overdose of vitamin B12 is rare among the people. The symptoms of the overdose of vitamin B12 are numbness of any parts of body, itch, or a feeling of burning pain or pricking.

It is necessary to say that big doses of the vitamin B12, when there is no vegetable fat in the person's food, lead to fatty liver. A person with a fatty liver can't live normally - he even can die, because the liver is very important for the human organism.

The results of the overdose of vitamin B12 are its side effects. The vitamin B12 side effects are seldom noticed among the people with healthy kidneys. If there is something wrong with your kidneys and you take big doses of the vitamin B12 call the doctor if there are the vitamin B12 side effects, for example, numbness of any parts of body or itch. The overdose of vitamin B12 makes even the cancer appear. But it is one of the reasons in this case.

Also the overdose of vitamin B12 cause allergy among the newborn babies. It was discovered that about ten to thirty per cent people who over fifty years old are can suffer from the overdose of vitamin B12. It happens because of the fact that their organism can't absorb the vitamin B12. At many old people the stomach acid doesn't appear in the necessary quantity. This fact limits the absorption of the vitamin B12 in the vowel.

The vitamin B12 is usually considered as non-toxic even when a healthy person takes it in the big quantity. Of course, if it happens in the case when a woman isn't pregnant. You can take the doses of the vitamin B12 in ten milligram doses and it will be safe.

The overdose of vitamin B12 may lead to the following side effects: headache, giddiness, excitement, pains in the heart, the heart doesn't work normally.

Thus, the overdose of vitamin B12 is rare but sometimes it is dangerous for human organism, especially for pregnant women and newborn babies. The overdose of vitamin B12 doesn't happen when a person is healthy and doesn't have any chronicle disease. The overdose of vitamin B12 can be noticed among the old people. So, the vitamin B12 injections are recommended to them.

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