Tina Turner - No Longer a Private Dancer

The true name of Tina Turner is Anna May Bullock. Her name is a legend and but her fame is known the world over. As one half of the popular duo of Ike and Tina Turner, she wowed audiences all over the world with her special brand of kinetic on-stage energy. Personal and marital problems opened Turner's eyes and gave her the courage the break away on her own. It was the smartest move she ever made.

Tina Turner was born on November 26, 1939 in a small town Nat bush, state Tennessee, the USA. Her father was engaged in a farm, and though the life was not that easy for family they never lived in misery.


Anna celebrated her 17th birthday in a club in Manhattan, where The Kings of Rhythm played that evening. Its leader was Ike Turner. As it seemed to her, never in the life she had heard such tremendous music. Since that moment, Anna spent every evening in the club, dreaming to sing with Kings sometimes. Moreover, once such an opportunity was presented! Anna became one of the vocalists of The Kings Of Rhythm.


That was the start of Tina Turner biography. Written down in the beginning of 60s A Fool in Love became a hit in the USA. Pleased with success, Ike made the decision to leave The Kings Of Rhythm and to create a new group with Anna. Then has appeared The Ike and Tina Turner Revue, and Anna May Bullock became Tina Turner.

Popularity of a new group grew quickly. Soon The Ike and Tina Turner Revue could go on tour across the USA and public very warmly met their performances in clubs. In one year, Revue was one of the most popular black groups in America. In the middle of 60s Revue went on tour for 270 days in one year and were at top of the creativity! However, despite that, Ike's dream of a white hit was not embodied in any way. That was until the person by name Phil Specter had not appeared on their way.

He was incredibly successful 25-years producer. In the beginning of sixties, he produced more than twenty hits and at that time he decided to write down a record with Tina. Nevertheless, he wanted to work only with her - without Ike and Revue. Ike doubted, but agreed when he learned that his name would appear on a record.

Those events were rise of Tina Turner and start of Tina Turner albums and singles. Within two weeks, she rehearsed a new song River Deep Mountain High. The song was ready by May, 1966. Everybody, even Ike was sure that it became the present hit. However, River Deep Mountain High occupied only 88th place in the American charts.

In opinion of Tina, the reason for that was that the song was too "black" for popular radio stations and too popular for black stations.

However, the disappointment was premature. It appeared that River Deep Mountains High has taken the third place in the British charts. Tina did not expect that the success would come to her from behind of the ocean. Together with that news, was even greater success as the Rolling Stones invited the Turners to take part in their tour across Great Britain.

Touring with the Stones brought to Tina thousands of new admirers. Since that moment, for the first time she believed in herself. In 1969, they once again went on tour with The Rolling Stones at that time across America, and two more years after their new song Proud Mary became the largest American hit. She had risen up to 4th place in priests - charts and had been sold by circulation more than one million copies.

World tour Twenty Four Seven came to the end with a concert in Anaheim, state California, on December 6. It is impossible to believe, but she was 61 on November 26, 2000!

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