The water polo game is very entertaining

The water polo game is played in the pool; the size of the pool can change, by two teams with players. The rules of water polo are pretty simple, so to understand what happens in the water polo game, you don?t need a water polo description. Of course, there are different nuances of the game that you will need to know like the scoring system and how penalties are gotten. This is because water polo differs from other similar games.

It is well known that the modern water polo game was developed by William Wilson in Great Britain in the 19th century. But, the water polo game was known way before that time period. One of the African rites looked very similar to a modern water polo game. It was performed in rivers, or at the ends of the river and it was meant to pass boys into manhood.

The water polo game was part of the first modern Olympic Games. And, later, the water polo game was played in different countries all over the world.

The major skills that players need for the game of water polo are swimming, ball handling because a player can only use one hand, and water treading.

Water polo rules are not that hard to understand, but there are some nuances to the game. Water polo is played with a team of seven players. A regular game consists of four periods. The duration of these games can be different for each competition. For example, the duration of a period in a water polo game in the Olympic Games is eight minutes and a high school water polo game lasts for five minutes per period.

The actual size of the pool where the water polo game is played can be different too. The size of the pool for water polo can be between 20 by 10 meters and 30 by 20 meters. For this game, the pool is only filled to a minimal depth, not less than 1.8 meters. In fact, there are very strict rules about the pool's bottom. During the game, the players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. The only player who is allowed to touch the bottom of the pool is the goalkeeper because he stands at the shallow end of the pool.

The size of the goals are usually 3 by 1 meters but sometimes, there are variations to them just like there can be various sizes of the water polo pool. Another advantage of the player at the shallow end of the pool is that he is the only one who can touch the ball with both hands at the same time. The other players are only allowed to throw the ball to players with one hand or push it in front of them while swimming.

There are also different penalties in the water polo game For example, like in ice hockey; a water polo player can sit out of the water polo game for 20 seconds or until the next goal. And, if a player makes a foul with the intention of harming a player on the opposite team, he can be sent out of the water for the entire game.

The time of possession is limited just like in a basketball game. In a water polo game, possession of the ball isn't allowed for more than 35 seconds. If there is no goal or another's team's player has been ejected after this time, then the time of possession is passed to another team. And, if the teams that has the ball and shoots it and gets it back again, the possession time for this team is set back to zero.

There are also different strategies in playing water polo games. Some of them are very simple while others are a mix of complex combinations. If you want to learn more about water polo in general and different offensive and defensive movements in the game, you can easily locate a detailed water polo description on the internet web sites that are dedicated to the game of water polo.

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