Tennis tactics invented by various tennis trainers

It is quite necessary to possess some tennis tactics and be able to use them on court to win the game. Tennis tactics are usually worked out by tennis players along with their trainers and used periodically from game to game, as for the opponents not to get used to them and learn them quite good.

    In professional big tennis just good playing is not enough for becoming the winner on the court. The times when the only reason for being the best was only to be the strongest are over. Now having wonderful tennis skills in disposal one should be ready to learn couple of tennis tactics in case for a defensive or offensive game, for a trouble making partner who is likely to win.

    Here are the tennis tactic's points for the basic defensive game. So, in defensive situation a player have four kits to reach two goals before the opponent reaches them: getting opponent's aggressive hit in play which basically means to hit the offensive ball back and continue to play; and the second is to make the opponent as busy as possible not allowing him to hit enough strong shots. 

    The first kit is to hit real deep when your opponent is playing near the net and you are within the court baseline. You will hit the next hit anyway and the opponent will lose some chance when running back to a moderately falling ball, as it is thought to have a slower speed than actually is. 

    The next point - hitting flat and definite when the opponent is  still near the net but you are not. It is quite a good position leaving a lot of space between you and the net and having partner really close. Only professionals can afford staying so close, as their figured tactics can be worked out and the player can not even mention what opponent intends to do on the court till the end.

    And finally the last point is when the opponent tries to hit the crosscourt: your tennis orientation and tennis tactics are supposed to make you near the touch down as the ball reaches your part of the court. The wrong situation is when you intend to run at the second time to reach the ball from the opposite part of the tennis court. Having the crosscourt tennis tactic, the opponent can easily make you dependent on it and wear you out in a few minutes.

    Additionally there are other tennis tactics that must be taken into consideration, for example the tactics of some other players. There is a Henman's tactic that is used by many professional players. Henman is the best professional playing near the net. Feeling completely confident he can easily maneuver near it no matter what position the opponent is placed.

    The most basic point to describe Henman's tennis tactic is this: the player, being on the baseline of the court watches the ball shooting his center line, the player moves towards the ball, hits the ball back and suddenly moves right to the net while the opponent is hitting the ball. Opponent can not concentrate on player's movements while hitting the ball and while shooting it back, so he does not expect him to hit immediately what the player does being right near the net and waiting for the ball. To complete the operation it is better to hit the ball to the opposite part of the opponent's court making the crosscourt and intending the opponent to run for the ball; then return to the baseline position waiting for the ball or beginning the other game as the player gets the score.

    Within the other popular tennis tactics clijsters' baseline defence is rather popular but not used by many as Henman's net tactics.

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