The new trend in medicine: synergistic body mind therapy

The purpose of this article is the analysis of modern therapy methods and attempt to generalize the modern concept of a category "health", regarding synergistic body mind therapy. The modern science, in particular biophysics, recently has expanded borders of knowledge about the phenomena connected with life and health of a person. The medicine does not retreat a step to the science!

The analysis of human being gives the basis to speak about a person, as about some complex synergistic system and gives birth to synergistic body mind therapy.

The ability to live is based on numerous biochemical processes in cells. The essential influence on health is in the electromagnetic phenomena occurring in a biofield of the person. The synergistic body mind therapy defines "health" as the indicator of the system condition and its elements from the position of ability to live. In particular, a healthy status is the normal functioning of system, the sick is anomalous.

The person, human being, is a very complicated system. Then it is necessary to give the complex definition of health as the category. The synergistic body mind therapy defines the following three-element generalized circuit: health = physical Health + mental Health + spiritual - moral Health. The second element is subdivided additionally on bioenergy Health, emotional Health and intellectual Health. The third element is subdivided into moral Health, intuitive Health, and spiritual Health.

According to theory of synergistic body mind therapy, the first element carries the information on ability of cells to live and an organism as a whole. The second and the third indicate the status of bioenergy and mental processes. The system can be considered "healthy" as a whole when all elements of organism are in a healthy state.

The suggested concept of "health" allows to classify the factors rendering influence on individual health of a person and choose the proper therapy methods. Alongside with well-known groups of physical, chemical, mental factors it is expedient to allocate at least two categories of factors.

First is the external one, which does not depend on the will of a person, and the internalone which is created by a person. Second are direct and indirect factors. For example, the majority of mental anomalies alongside with direct influence on mental health simultaneously renders indirect influence on a state of physical health, changing the metabolism in organism. Thus, any of known factors renders complex influence on individual health of the person.

The same situation is about therapy methods. The source of disease determines the therapy methods - internal, external, direct, indirect or complex. In the conclusion, we can suggest the analysis of sights and approaches of various traditional and unconventional methods of treatment and improvement of the person.

From a position of the developed concept of synergistic body mind therapy, it is possible to note the following: all of them differ from each other only in the certain spectrum and depth of influence on components of the health. Thus, it is possible to allocate two global approaches in synergistic body mind therapy. The first one is the monomedicine which appeals exclusively to one of the elements of the circuit. The other approach is the polymedicine which influences simultaneously two and more elements of the circuit.

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