The Secret of Escada Outerwear - Comfort, Craftsmanship and Style

A great variety of Escada brand items of apparel and Escada outerwear finds their customers all over the world: Escada boiled wool jackets, Escada pullovers, Escada jeans and denim, Escada original skirts and dresses and much more. The real attributes of every item are color, elegance, quality and good cutting. In short - they feel good and look good. So what's the secret of Escada outerwear? Comfort, craftsmanship and style!

The popular German expensive brand name Escada is one of the most well-known and successful in the world of fashion. If you are looking for superior quality, feminine image, elegance and perfect color, this clothing is for your excellent taste. Escada apparel is the compulsory part of the image of every elegant well-to-do woman who does not aspire to the experiments in clothes, who has good family life and often is noticed in the high society.

The history and long-term success of the company Escada tells that its philosophy is accepted and respected by women from different parts of the world. Opened in 1977 as a house of fashion based in Munich, the company began to grow fast and raised their production due to the proper politic and talented ideas of the founders - Margaretta and Wolfgang Lew. Their business team is worthy of admiration.

Margaretta possessed perfect perception of style, in the past was a top model of the French fashion house haute couture Jacques Fath. She became the first designer of the Escada house and was responsible for the creative part of the business. Her husband Wolfgang being a good businessman was ready to realize the most adventurous ideas. The union of these talented young people was the beginning of the development of a new generation of the fashion - the Escada clothes industry that is consistent with traditions and quality.

Currently the brand name Escada produces different clothes for women: Escada outerwear, apparel, sportswear, as well as accessories and perfumes that have a great success. It may seem that the strict tendency to keep to classic traditions in Escada philosophy may be boring for modern women, but fortunately the classic style nowadays does not take the last place, because many women wish to wear their favorite clothing for more period of time.

Escada outerwear and clothing can permit themselves to be worn longer because of the best quality, and do not lose the actuality because of the classical traditions of elegance and style. Those who saw and wore Escada boiled wool jackets or Escada pullovers can prove that they are excellent, comfort, made of qualitative materials and that will always create an elegant and feminine shape even in winter time, that is very important for the outerwear. Escada outerwear is ideal for those who desire to look perfect even in a cold season.

Escada never stops in its aspiration to success and prosperity. Presently the authorities have the plan of further business expansion on the Eastern Europe and Asia. Maybe it will bring a little variety of ideas that can be included and combined with the existing ones, taking into account the requirements of the new customers. But there is no doubt that the real philosophy of the mark that was successfully developed during a few decades will remain constant.

Escada outerwear together with bright and original accessories and the perfect smell of perfumes will please the tastes of those who appreciate fine traditions and excellent quality in the fashion.

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