There is small wonder that silent movie actresses captured the hearts of the audience

It is most certain that the invention of cinematograph was a truly life-changing innovation for the whole world community. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that it was one of the major landmarks of the twentieth century in terms of the arts. Even though the first movies that appeared in the beginning of the century were nothing like their contemporary counterparts, they were silent. Nevertheless silent movie actresses and actors were able to gain an instant popularity.

Silent movies were a great achievement in the development of the arts. Even now, many of those who have had even a single chance to see a silent movie, think fondly about it. The impression that the first silent movies produced on the rapt audience is hard to be explained, given the state of mind of the people of that time. They were not spoilt with a staggering variety of options for entertainment. And it is for this reason that silent movies were a very welcome alternative to both books and music, which were the main sources of leisure at that time. Not only the silent movies, but also the silent movie actresses and actors were also eagerly accepted with the heartiest affection. Such irresistible silent movie actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks and others, were attributed with all the possible virtues and actually became the object of admiration for millions of movie-lovers all over the world.

It needs to be remembered that the main peculiarity of silent movies was the absence of any actual dialogue between the characters. This made it more challenging for the audience to actually grasp the gist of the movie. In the movies in their contemporary form, the plot and the main message are clearly delivered through flowing latent explanation on the part of the actors. But silent movie actresses and actors did not possess such a potent tool of interaction and they made most of what they could actually use in terms of ways of delivering information.

One of such ways was music, which invariable accompanied silent movies and gave the viewers a general idea of the spirit of the movie. If we recall the movies with the participation of Charlie Chaplin, we will come to the conclusion that the music utilized in the film corresponded entirely to the comic situation the main character got into. The atmosphere thus created had a somewhat joking touch about it. If we refer to another type of silent movies, namely more dramatic ones like those that featured renowned silent movie actresses like Marlene Dietrich or Louise Brooks, it will be plain to see that the type of music there is entirely different and it expresses a whole other pitch of emotions.

Silent movies with the characteristic limited number of expressive means present a very challenging area for actors. Since silent movie actresses and actors are deprived of the ability to speak on the screen, they need to do their best and deliver the required message by means of body language and facial expression. For the dominating majority of silent movie actresses making a certain point or rendering some specific emotion was not a problem, but only a few of them actually made the viewer feel the same. It definitely takes a lot of talent to be able to do so.

What was also viewed as a prerequisite for silent movie actresses and actors was of course pleasant appearances that paved for them a way into the hearts of the audience. Most of the silent movie actors had some peculiar feature about them in terms of their looks (Chaplin's moustache or Dietrich's eyebrows), and it was their unique charm that made them stand out among other and even generate fashion trends.

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