Growing thyme in your garden is pretty simple

Thyme was known for a very long time. People have used it as a medical and kitchen herb for ages. But in most cases they used wild-growing thyme for their medical remedies and cooking recipes. And only not so long ago people started to cultivate this plant. Growing thyme herb plants is easy and everyone can try it in his/her own garden, for there are only several simple rules to remember.

Thyme herb and all its recipes have a very long history. This herb was used long time ago by ancient people to treat different diseases. And it also had an important symbolic meaning: thyme is considered as a symbol of great spirit and courage, and pictures of thyme can often be found on clothes of medieval knights.

Thyme herb is also a wonderful addition to a great number of various dishes; fresh thyme leaves can be added to salads. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. However, thyme has been specially cultivated (mostly for medical reasons) for not that long - in old times wild thyme was used.

But in fact, growing thyme is not such a complicated process, it can be easily done even by beginner gardener. You only need to follow few simple steps for growing thyme. There are many different kinds of thyme herb plants, but all of them are usually 35-40 cm high with pretty small (about 5-10 mm) opposite grayish-green leaves. Thyme flowers are also small with violet or pink color. Sometimes pure white colored flowers can also be met. Of course, such a wonder deserves a place in everyone's garden.

But is growing thyme a hard task? In fact with several simple rules of growing thyme being followed, it is quite simple. So here are the steps you need to take when growing thyme in your garden:

First of all go to herb nursery and buy a small plant for planting in early spring. Then you need to find a place in your garden suitable for growing thyme. Thyme herb plants like sunny and well-drained places (put more organic matter into the soil to make the drainage of this place better for thyme herb plants). Thin your thyme herb plants 20-30 cm apart from each other. You can also start growing thyme with seeding (with same distance apart from each other) but it is a little harder if you are a beginner gardener (you need to start growing seeds indoors to get nursery plants). As long as thyme herb plants are low growing, wiry stemmed and grow well over rocks, they are a wonderful decorative mean for rocky tracks of your garden. If you want to give your thyme herb plants more bushier look you need to cut plants' tops after they bloom in summer. To stay in healthy form thyme herb plants need to be divided every three or four years. To get your own thyme seeds you will need a third or fourth year plant with fulvous color.

Growing thyme in pots is possible as well. But as long as plant needs a space you will need about 15 cm pot for each plant or even bigger container for several plants. Use a sandy soil mix because well drainage can be crucial for thyme herb plants. Thyme plants need very sparing watering otherwise they will perish very fast. Small and gentle cuttings are possible all year round so you can have fresh thyme leaves for your kitchen anytime you want them. Thyme herb blooms (collected in summer) can also be used for seasoning. Thyme herb plants will easily withstand dry weather, but strong frosts can kill them very fast, so cover your plants for winter if you live in regions with cold weather.

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