A great number of rosemary recipes have been known for a very long time

Rosemary herb has been cultivated for a pretty long time - many different rosemary recipes are known to be used in medicine, cookery and even magic. Although it is not used as a magical agent any more, the use of this wonderful herb is still very popular and modern housewives make use of rosemary in their everyday life - you can easily find rosemary recipes in modern cook books.

Have you heard of the use of rosemary? You probably have - this interesting herb with wonderful aroma is known for ages. And the use of rosemary herb is very wide.

In old times rosemary herb was mostly used in medicine and magic, and only much later rosemary recipes took their place in cook books. In old times people strongly believed that rosemary herb is bound with sun(many magician have also connected rosemary with fire, which explains its usual use as cleansing mean in many magic recipes).

Its most common use was to improve people's memory and ability to learn - the presence of rosemary herb on the body was very important before important meetings and in situations when mental clarity was needed (many modern students still use rosemary springs before examination).

In magic and Superstition rosemary herb was also known as a purifying agent. Different herbal baths include rosemary recipes (different sorts of rosemary recipes can be found; rosemary herb can either be used as only an ingredient of a complex herb mixture or alone). Rosemary was also a protective herb and was usually included into protection wreaths: such protection wreaths were usually put above the door or under the bed to protect inhabitants from evil. In such way rosemary herb was also used in pillows as a protection from bad dreams.

Later in Medieval times rosemary herb was associated with friendship, remembrance and love. As a symbol of love rosemary was a usual guest on weddings. Strange as it may seem but you could also meet rosemary at funeral. People tossed rosemary herb in graves as a symbol of remembrance of the deceased.

From those times and till now rosemary herb is widely used in medicine. This herb with specific aroma is used in treatment of such problems as headaches, depression, and muscle spasms. But the full list of diseases that can be easily cured with rosemary recipes is much longer.

At first medicinical use of rosemary was in form of decoctions and extracts. Rosemary tea is widely used in folk medicine as an expectorant, to relieve cold symptoms, for digestive problems and for relaxation. And this rosemary tea can also include other herbs - different mixture can be used to treat different symptoms.

Today rosemary is also used in medicine but often in a form of oil (it is made from "romarinus officinalis" which is specially cultivated for medical purposes; there are also other sorts of rosemary, which have no medical use and are cultivated only for decorative purposes).

Thanks to its aroma rosemary herb is also widely used in cookery - even modern cook books have a great number of rosemary recipes. Rosemary herb is used in all kinds of dishes from Steaks with Rosemary to pleasant smell rosemary tea. If you do not use rosemary in your kitchen then you are missing much. You should definitely try it - it will bring a new taste to any of your dishes. If you do not have rosemary recipes in your cook book, then you can easily find some in the Internet. There are even special web sites dedicated to the use of rosemary herb.

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