Some fabrics can be cleaned only with dry cleaning

It seems like all available dry cleaning services are the same and there is no difference which one you use to clean your clothes. But that is an illusion. Different dry cleaning services use different cleaning solvents and depending on the sort of solvent or its purity you can get different results. It also matters if they use the so-called "cleaning heat" that can damage some materials.
Today you can come across a great amount of different fabrics that are used in production of clothes and other products. And it is not an easy task when it comes to cleaning your clothes or furniture, for example. There are numerous ways to clean your clothes. Most of them can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. You can perform this sort of cleaning at home or use numerous laundry services that are available. But not all sorts of fabrics can be washed in a washing machine. Some delicate materials have to be handwashed and special non-aggressive gentle detergents should be used. It can even be not safe to use a regular soap for washing such things (so-called "soap scum" that is hard to remove, but can easily accumulate in many cases). But there are cases when all these methods do not suit the material your clothes are made of. Some fabrics can be cleaned only with dry cleaning - otherwise they will be damaged. But it is not all. You also need to choose an appropriate dry cleaning service to get a better result. As you can understand by the name, dry cleaning is performed with a very small quantity or with no water at all. In case of dry cleaning special cleaning solvents are used. Along with these cleaning solvents many dry cleaning services offer cleaning heat. But such a combination can be too stressful for your fabrics and cause “premature aging” of garments. Cleaning heat can produce a still worse effect on the materials attacked by some stains. Some stains cannot be removed with special solvents and they will only be set even harder into the fabric with cleaning heat. So, be careful with that and always check if the dry cleaning service you are going to clean your clothes at uses cleaning heat. If you are going to use the option of cleaning heat then you’d better seek advice with dry cleaning service personnel about the stains before the actual cleaning to avoid any complications. Another thing to consider is the purity of cleaning solvents used. All the cleaning solvents that are used for dry cleaning must be specially distilled to ensure that they are free of any sort of oils, waxes or dyes. If cleaning solvents are not pure enough they can soil you clothes even more or sometimes even destroy it. Low-quality solvents can also add a specific odor to your clothes and a grayish tan to the white clothes. You certainly do not want such effects to happen to your clothes. You also need to check out the kind of pressing performed after dry cleaning, because different sorts of fabrics need to be pressed differently. Only a trained professional can do pressing correctly. When you are giving your clothes to dry cleaning, try to note all the stains that are present on your clothes. It is a great idea to list all stains as that will help to clean your clothes in a proper way and you will also be able to avoid different problems in the future. And keep in mind that not all stains can be removed even with dry cleaning. Usually you will be informed of all such stains that can possibly retain even after dry cleaning.
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