The neck treatment and neck diseases

The causes for neck treatment are various, the infringement of spinal nerves because of age changes, for example. The bone neoplasm of dorsals can reduce an aperture between them. The reason can be also an inflammation of muscles or ligaments, located close to nerve and pressing on root of nerve. The neck physical therapy is essential in case of intervertebral disks hernia of cervical part of spinal cord.

Many people turn to the neck treatment when they feel the pain in neck, extending on muscles and fingers of hands. It appears suddenly, sometimes at the head bending, and usually it happens very sharp.

Often it is possible to ease pain turning or inclining a head in the different sides, however unsuccessful movement strengthens it. Only special neck massage can ease the pain without side effects. As a rule, it is hard to find convenient position for sleep, and a person wakes up at night because of sharp pains in hands and a neck.

Sensitivity of a hand can disappear sometimes with simultaneous significant decrease in muscular force. It is typical, that illness comes suddenly, and "shooting" pains are distributed to muscles and separate fingers of hands. Check of sensitivity, muscular force and reflexes shows that this illness has a neurological character.

In neck treatment, it is recommended to reduce loading on cervical vertebra and to limit inclinations of a head temporarily and turns by it, to remove irritation in roots of a spinal nerve. The good help in it is rendered with a cervical bandage.

During sharp current of illness soothing and anti-inflammatory medical products are effective in neck treatment. You should use the neck physical therapy in case of serious and sharp pain. The patient cannot extend the cervical vertebras himself! Only the qualified expert should carry out similar procedures. Use of cords and the blocks fixed on a ceiling or in a doorway used to raise you for a chin is absolutely forbidden! Elevating force of the device can appear too great and bring more harm, than benefit.

After disappearance of pains, the recommended physiotherapy exercises should go on - it is the part of neck treatment. The best means during the period of pain subside is an easy massage of neck zone. There are other diseases and we cannot mention all of them here.

However, the cervical spondylosis is worth attention and neck treatment. The cervical spondylosis is a chronic disease of a backbone at which the rostral and spinous osteophyte grows on edges of vertebra. Some people incorrectly treat osteophyte as chondrocalsynovitis, but this definition is wrong as development of osteophyte is connected with bone degeneration of ligament. The spondylosis is a consequence of age changes rather often (more often in a cervical department).

The number of people suffering from pain in the field of a neck and a humeral zone has increased with distribution of brainwork. It is easy to recognize the spondylosis by symptoms: pain in a nape, often - in the field of a shoulder girdle, in a back part of a head, eyes and ears.

The limited mobility of a neck and a pain are usual at movements, especially at turns of a head. As a rule, it is difficult for patient to find convenient position to sleep, they often wake up with pain in a neck because of the inconvenient position of a head causing additional loading on joints. The long pains, difficulties at movement by a head will make you think about neck treatment.

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