The lactate threshold training

Most people like swimming in the swimming pool, lake, and river, and even lucky people get to swim in the ocean. Rich people get to swim in champagne baths. Like other animals, we come from water and we need water to feel young and happy. People swim to keep their bodies and minds sharp. And, there are some people that swim to break a record. Some of them train and do their best with lactate threshold training. But, they should remember that there are some problems with lactate threshold training.

Swimming is wonderful for all the people in the world. People swim to keep their bodies and minds sharp. People can swim in the pool, river, and lake. Some people even get to swim in the ocean. Very rich people get to swim in a champagne bath. All of these kinds of swimming are healthy ways of keeping fit, to keep relaxed, and to provide the body with energy.

The main thing that is wonderful about swimming is that it helps the spine that takes the burden 24 hours a day to relax. An injured spine can cause weakness, headaches, and a bad mood. But, you can help your spine and yourself by just swimming an hour per week.

Therefore, some people swim just a hour per week to keep healthy, but other people are training for eight hours a day in order to hold a record and to have their names appear on men's or women's open record lists. With every year, it becomes more difficult to hold the record and to keep your name well known and in the news. If you look at the men's open record table from the beginning of the 20th century, you will discover that now to hold the record you will need to swim 50 meters 30 seconds faster than in the time of the Russian Empire. Do you think that 30 seconds isn't a big deal? Oh, then go now to the swimming pool and try to swim just ten seconds faster than your normal time.

The secret behind raising records is that at the history of swimming competitions the methods and techniques of training have changed and helped sportsmen and sportswomen to test their new abilities to break new records. In this sense, the record time depends on the time a sportswoman or sportsmen spend in the swimming pool with their trainers.

This is a very interesting method, and it is about lactate threshold method. The sense of it is that the human body is working in such a rhythm when the amount of lactate is on a definite level. At this level, a person can do more than what was thought possible. There is much literature where it is written about lactate training, but there are also several books where the lactate threshold method problems are described in a detailed way. This method can cause some trauma to the body. This means that lactate threshold training can only be done under the care of a personal trainer and doctor.

This method is in development. Therefore, you shouldn't try it in the beginning of your swimming career. It is used for those sportsmen who have already had some good results, but need a new method of training.

Lactate threshold training is interesting because it helps to open new possibilities for the organism of a sportsman or sportswoman. But, on the other hand, lactate threshold training means doing your best in a negative manner. However, if this method is used correctly, it helps you make new records and have your name, and your coach's name be famous all over the world.

Therefore, this method has some definite advantages; the only problem is that this method is very complex and dangerous if not used correctly.  Just be careful when you are lactate threshold training. Good Luck to you.

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