The Incredible History of Dental Equipment and Dental Chairs

When you consider the history of dental equipment and look at old photo's of dental drills and dental picks, it's no wonder dentistry suffers from such a horrifying image. The first attempts at regulated dental equipment looked like torture chamber devices! Unfortunately, people just didn't have a lot of options to choose from! With the further development of dental technology and equipment, dentistry in general gets more simplified and the subsequent history of dentistry will be much kinder.

Stomatology originates from the Greek word Stoma (mouth) and Logos (teaching). It is a medical discipline studying etiology and pathogeny of diseases of teeth, jaws and other organs of the mouth cavity. Stomatology is engaged in diagnostics, treatment and precaution measures.

As a matter of fact, dentistry hadn't been a medical specialty till the end of the seventeenth century. Since the 17th century first works on stomatology have been published in France. Also the development of artificial golden crowns for teeth, the development of methods of sealing and anesthesia started to take place. With the invention of dental drills dentistry has completely strengthened as a very important medical specialty. Healthy, beautiful teeth were always popular and by rights they are a part of a successful man's image.

The first dental chairs were inconvenient while modern dental chairs are real masterpieces. The modern concept of a floating dentist chair without a floor-base gives an additional economy of space for work. It includes a module for a dentist containing tools and instruments. The control panel regulates air, water and spray supply for the tools. With this convenient control panel you can also adjust speeds of the micro engine. You can also choose from various chair positions. In addition, the entire surface is covered with an antibacterial coating.

First dental chairs looked like torture facilities and were extremely inconvenient for a patient. Modern dental chairs are manufactured of composition and easily cleaned materials. A wireless pedal controls the position of such a chair yet allows programming various chair functions. A usual voltage is not dangerous - only 24 Volts. The maximal weight is 330 pounds; the maximal power is 450 Watt.

History of dental equipment dates back to the ancient times when Egyptian health care specialists tried to treat tooth and gum problems. Mostly it led to pulling a tooth out. Nowadays only the most sophisticated dental drills are used. A dentist can easily adjust its speed and other functional adjustments. At the very beginning of the history of dental equipment there were almost no anesthetic remedies used under dental interference.

Nowadays there are a lot of anesthetics so that a patient gets no experience of unpleasant feelings and pains at all. One of the first dental drills was patented in the nineteenth century in the United States. It must have been a painful experience for first patients but since then dental equipment has been improving and today's dental equipment is much humane than a century ago.

A German company called KaVo is very well known in the field of dentistry. The history of dental equipment of this company dates back to 1909. Having developed its line of dental equipment KaVo Company now fulfills the quality management standards embedding new dental technologies. Now it has a huge number of divisions in all over the world. KaVo Company is a brand that you can trust. It has its museum devoted to the history of dental equipment so don't miss a chance of visiting it!

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