About the premiere tennis grand slam

The premiere tennis grand slam is victory in all four tournaments out of four possible. These are the "members" of grand slam party which are the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon. There are many professional tennis players that took part in professional tournaments and won more than one grand slam tournaments, which means they have a chance to get a career grand slam as minimum.

    Premiere tennis grand slam is the expression used to call an attempt to win all for major tennis tournaments during one year. These tournaments are the Australian Open, Us Open, French Open and Wimbledon. Later premiere grand slam had been used as an expression by other sports like golf for example, which means almost the same - the most prestigious tournaments in which the most promising and successful players participate.

    There is a lot of information about tennis grand slam in the Internet. Every of the premiere tennis grand slam tournaments are described in details by the newspapers and news on TV. It is always a big event for the world.


    This quartet of tennis tournaments has its own tennis grand slam history, dates back to the year 1933. That year one journalist first used it to describe a trial of one tennis player, Jack Crawford, to win the entire four big tournaments in the four countries of the world. After that another tennis player, Fred Perry, failed too. So only in 1938 the Premiere tennis grand slam was won by Donald Budge.

    The premiere tennis grand slam was held in singles as well as in doubles. The interesting thing is that some tennis players like Margaret Smith Court won both single and double premiere tennis grand slam tournaments.

    The exciting and truly heroic events took place in tennis grand slam history when some women tennis players won several consecutive winners of the premiere grand slam. These women were: Martina Navratilova won six consecutive premiere tennis grand slam tournaments; Serena Williams who had won four consecutive premiere tennis grand slams; Steffi Graf became the owner of the true grand Slam s in 1988. She not only won the premiere tennis grand slam tournaments, but also won the Olympics, that became the crucial peak in her career. Natasha Zvereva was one of the doubles who won six consecutive starting from French Open '92 ending with Wimbledon '93.


    The True Golden Slam is the sum of four consecutive tournaments won in one year and the golden medal in the same year on Summer Olympics. As it is already known this feat had been gained only once by Steffi Graf not only because it is rare to have Olympics, only every fourth year, but also because since 1924 till 1988 tennis was not the medal kind of sports.


    There are some owners of the premiere tennis grand slam that have the Career Golden Slam which mean that the players won both tournaments and Olympics but not in one year. Tennis grand slam history tells about such tennis players as Andre Agassi , Gigi Fernandez Serena and Venus Williams.

    But the best of the best that tennis players could ever do is the "Boxed Set" either Career or Grand. "Boxed Set" means that the tennis player has to achieve the result of premiere tennis grand slam titles in all possible configurations: the singles, the same-sex doubles, and mixed-doubles in all four tournaments. The Grand "Boxed Set" had never been accomplished before. Though Career "Boxed Set" was the fulfilled by Doris Hart, Margaret Smith Court and Martina Navratilova, all of whom are women.

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