The History of Football Includes Many Famous Soccer Players

Football which is also called soccer is probably the most popular game in the world these days. That is why good soccer players become well known very fast. Today almost anyone knows such names as Pele or Tom Finney - these soccer players brought new sense to the football game. And of course there are many other representative figures in that sport - and many football stars are still to come.

It is pretty hard today to find a person who doesn't know what the football is. These days football (soccer) is very popular. There are many people who like to play this game and even bigger number of people who like to watch different football competitions.

In fact the word football is used to describe different games now - there are Rugby football, American football, Australian rules football and so on. And all these games are popular but it is the soccer that gain world wide popularity.

Rules of modern soccer appeared in mid-19th century - the very first set of soccer rules were developed in 1848 in Trinity College (Cambridge). Of course there were different changes to these rules through the history of soccer development. And modern soccer rules are defined and regulated by International Football Association Board (IFAB). There are also different continental and national football associations that control all the football (soccer) events.

And it is pretty easy to understand that with so huge popularity of the game soccer players become famous. There are many well known names of soccer players these days. But it is not all - nowadays football is a big industry that includes sport products, commercial activity and many others - because of those professional soccer players become celebrities. We can see faces of modern soccer players everywhere - they are like movie stars now.

And of course among all the famous soccer players there are very representative figures that made a huge contribution to the game.

One of such big figures in the football is Tom Finney. He started his career as a football player in 1946. He showed himself as a great football player. Through his entire career he played only for his local club "Preston" and ended his career in 1960. During all this time on the field he scored almost twenty (in fact 187) goals and that is a great result which gave Tom Finney a place in football history.

Another big name among soccer players is Pele. Not so many people know who is Edson Arantes do Nascimento but his nickname "Pele" is well known all over the world. A lot of people think that he is the greatest football player of all the times. Edson was born in Brazil and received his famous nickname in school. His family was poor and Pele could not afford a soccer ball - so he played with sock filled with paper. And when he was fifteen years old he was offered a professional football contract. And only a year later at sixteen years old Pele already was soccer player in the league.

Pele became the youngest World Cup winner in 1958 in Sweden. Later in 1962 and in 1970 his team also won World Cup. His technique was great and many modern football players try to play like Pele. Since 1974 he was playing in North American soccer league (and in fact he was the highest paid player of the league - he had 7 million US dollar contract for three years). Pele finished his career in 1977 and since that time he became a businessman. There is no doubt that Pele is the most recognizable among other football players in the world.

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