Acupuncture treatment in stomatology

The theory of acupuncture treatment accounts about 2500 years. The acupuncture therapy is based on the system of power streams that penetrates all body and plays the basic role in health defining. The acupuncture practice deals with infringement of these streams which results in illness, according to the theory.

The acupuncture treatment has been tried by millions patients and used by hundreds stomatologists, medical doctors and experts on acupuncture therapy for simplification of a pain. Recently, the American association on supervision of foodstuff and medicines has excluded acupuncture treatment from the category of experimental medical means.

Numerous researches and acupuncture practice have shown, that acupuncture therapy cause numerous biological answers, both local and system. Acupuncture treatment is capable to activate the points that make significant influence on various physiological processes in a brain and on periphery. The acupuncture practice proved its effectiveness even on the center of attention! The researches have revealed liberation of opioid peptides, having analgesic influence on a fabric during procedure. The acupuncture treatment is able to activate hypothalamus and a hypophysis that is shown by spectrum of system influences. It breaks the secretion neuromediator and neurohypophyseal hormones and thus changes the intensity of a blood-groove.

All results of acupuncture were scientifically documented; there are also proofs of modulation of immune functions. Acupuncture as therapeutic procedure is successfully applied in many countries. Its efficiency is confirmed in numerous researches around the world. However, the results of some researches yield show unequivocal results owing to not identical influence, quantity of researched groups, etc.

It is hard to underestimate results of acupuncture therapy in knocking over painful symptom of postsurgical stomatologic intervention, nevertheless. There are also other statuses, as abstinence, rehabilitation after a paralysis, a headache, an asthma at which acupuncture can be useful as auxiliary treatment or comprehensible alternative. Some experts on acupuncture declare, that it is possible to anesthetize teeth by means of one only this procedure, but the practical medicine does not accept such reasons and accepting the significant role of acupuncture.

The benefits of acupuncture are obvious and start with soft and normalizing influence on an organism, promoting the fast sanction of inflammatory processes. Every person can try acupuncture methods to feel relieve of pains, chronic weariness, sleeplessness and to restore metabolic processes. This teraphy becomes more and more popular around the world, being chosen by thousands people to raise serviceability and quality of  life and to strengthen immune system. The acupuncture needles in hands of qualified specialist promote rejuvenescence of an organism and help with struggle against harmful habits. The needle in hand of specialist makes salutary influences on the basic systems of an organism (nervous, vascular, and lymphatic) and activates metabolic process in organism, restores the central nervous system. Modern acupuncture is recognized as an effective independent method in treatment of wide lines of diseases and allows achieving high parameters of treatment and improvement of life quality.

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