Aging prevention common advices - helpful for all people

Traditionally aging prevention common advices include tips about aging diet, body cleansing and physical exercises. Good nutrition and adequate fluids can be provided with the help of such products as healing fats, unrefined sea salt and vegetable juices. There are several types of body cleansing. They are: kidney cleansing, liver cleansing, dental clean up and others.

There are a lot of aging prevention common advices for those people who want to take the whole responsibility for their health. These aging prevention common advices traditionally include the change of lifestyle, healthy diet, exercises, body cleansing, various natural and traditional therapies.

Aging diet is an obligatory part of most aging prevention common advices. While speaking about the diet, it is necessary to mention that the main rule of aging diet is to avoid foods that kill and poison. Therefore, good nutrition and adequate fluids are of paramount importance. Water cure should not be neglected either. It helps keep skin moist. Aging diet should contain such products as unrefined sea salt, vegetable juices, healing fats. Food tolerance is one of the most essential parts of aging diet.

One of the most important aging prevention common advices is to cleanse the body. It is not difficult to guess that the dietary changes the person makes are also a kind of cleansing. Nevertheless, it can be not enough if the liver health is concerned. Even children require body cleansing. The internal organs are able to hold large amounts of toxins. It is necessary to get rid of those toxins without performing cleansing. Great numbers of intrahepatic stones can be inside the liver. The stones can block the bile flow; affect the very bases of human health, such as digestion. Parasites are another problem. There are a lot of cleansing programs. Here is one of them.

It is recommended to do cleansing in the following order. First of all, it is necessary to hold bowel cleanse and parasite cleanse. If a person can afford dental clean up, he should do it next. The third step is kidney cleanse which is followed by liver cleanse. It is necessary to remember that dental cleanup can take many years. If a person has much of dental metal, he should not hurry to replace it at once. As for bowel cleanse, it should be done at least one time a year.
In order to achieve the best possible results with liver cleanse, it is necessary to hold it 6-10 times in 2-3 weeks.

As for kidney cleanse, it is rather simple and cheap. It can be performed with the help of various herbs. Water cure is enough if the person has no kidney stones.

In order to slow the process of aging it is necessary to do a lot of physical exercises. They stimulate cleansing, bring balance and relieve stresses. But, it is important to find the exercises that will suit you. Meditation is very helpful. Jogging and walking in the nature are also very popular. There are some tips concerning physical exercises which should be followed. The exercises should not exhaust one. It is not advised to exercise with full stomach. In this case, it is possible just to take a walk. It is also necessary to be careful during the exercises not to hurt yourself.

One of the most powerful ways to cleanse the body from the toxins is sweating. In order to sweat properly it is possible to do exercises with a lot of clothes, to take sauna, to drink hot tea in a warm room and eat cayenne pepper. Sweating is very important because there are a lot of industrial pesticides and toxins today, which is blown out only through sweat glands.

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