The Famous Foo Fighters Keep Flying High

So what exactly is a "foo"..? The "Foo Fighters" is a famous American group which has existed since 1995. This group is famous all over the world. There are four Foo Fighters albums. They are Foo Fighters (1995), The Colour and The Shape (1997), There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999), One By One (2003), In Your Honor (2005). There is much information about Foo Fighters history and members and Foo Fighters albums on the internet.

The "Foo Fighters" is an American group which was created in 1995 in Seattle. The following is some information is about the Foo Fighters history and members. This group consists of Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nay Mendel, Chris Shiflett.

When Dave Grihl was a participator of the group "Nirvana" he was writing and producing his own material. He had been playing the guitar since he was twelve and created music. So, when the group stopped its existing, he had a job. He invited Pat Smear from GERMS, Nait Mendela from DIDDLY SQUAT and William Goldsmith and formed a music group. They borrowed the name "Foo Fighters" from the military, as pilots used to refer to "foreign objects" as "Foo's" in the same way that some people use the term UFO's.

In 1995, the group sang its songs at a big concert. Then there was its first album for which "Foo Fighters" got "Best New Artist". After it the group began active concert activity and it didn't miss any festivals.

Grohl said: "During our first tour about one third people came to our concerts thanks to our album, other people wanted to see somebody from the group "Nirvana". I think many of them came to see what we could do, how well we do it and of course they wanted to compare"

In 1997, "Foo Fighters" created a new album "The Colour And The Shape". It was the second album. Critics approved this work. This album made the group "Foo Fighters" famous over the world. Later "Foo Fighters" appeared as guests on the ceremony "MTV Awards".

1998 was very successful. Its album didn't leave American top-lists forty four weeks and "Foo Fighters" were invited to "Ozzfest".

In summer of 1998 the third album "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" appeared. This disc reached the tenth place in the hit-lists.

Since 2000 the group's members have been beginning to create their own projects, for example, Grohl was noticed in "Queens Of Stone Age", but Nay Mendel founded his own group "The fire theft". But "Foo Fighters" continues to work together.

In 2002, the forth album "One By One" appeared and it was approved by musical critics. This album differed from the previous ones. The group was at MTV EMA Music Awards 2002 and sang "All My Life". This disc got Grammy 2002 for the sing "All my life" and Grammy 2003 for the best rock-album. Also in 2002, this group was at the head of the Scottish prestigious festival "T In The Park".

In 2003 a new single "Times Like These" appeared.

One should say that the structure changed sometimes. Nowadays the group consists of three persons. Some people think that it is too few for the rock-group but this collective manages perfectly with their creative tasks both in the studio and in the concerts. It is a proof that the rock didn't die; it has just transformed and made progress.

So, Foo Fighters albums are Foo Fighters (1995), The Colour and The Shape (1997), There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999), One By One (2003), In Your Honor (2005).

Thus, the group "Foo Fighters" was created in 1995. Now it is famous over the world. Tough it became famous after its first album, which was called as Foo Fighters. Firstly, this group consisted of Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nay Mendel,Chris Shiflett. But during its existence the structure of the group changed.

It's obvious that even after 10 years of active recording and touring, the Foo Fighters has a lot of gas left in its engines!

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