Complex of foot excercises - a way to natural beauty and health of your feet

Foot excercises are intended specially for preventing various diseases of the bottom finitenesses, connected with the lack of blood circulation and deterioration of a lymph current. The basic foot gymnastics can be performed on the workplace, in transport, standing in a queue or when engaged in domestic affairs. The additional and rather effective means considerably improving the condition of the bottom finitenesses are foot bath which contributes to relaxation of muscles and leads to improvement of the blood circulation and saturation of fabrics by oxygen.
One of the basic differences of the human-being from the animal is the movement on two feet. But the vertical position of a human body has also its minuses such as heavy loading on a backbone and feet. At the end of the working day the majority of people, especially women, have tired and swollen feet. Are these symptoms are harbingers of a serious illness? It could be varicose expansion of veins. The varicose expansion of veins provokes occurrence of not only some serious cosmetic defects, such as the so-called vascular asterisks, but also it is accompanied by chronic feet weariness, hypostases and pain. To reduce hypostases on feet and to cure weariness, it is recommended to do on a regular basis special foot excercises. There is the special set of foot excercises intended for preventive maintenance of occurrence of feet diseases and treatment of already present problems. The foot gymnastics improves active blood circulation of the bottom finitenesses, improves a current of lymph, strengthens muscular and bone fabrics. The foot excercises should be performed daily, in the morning and in the evening. The elementary gymnastics' complex for foot excercises includes some easy excercises: 1. Stand straight, slowly raise the heel from the floor and stand on toes. Then smoothly lower and repeat exercises a few times. 2. Lying on the back do some movements of your feet as if you were riding a bicycle. 3. Rotate your feet in the different ways within 3 minutes for each leg. 4. Bend and straighten your feet in the so-called way "from itself and to itself" several times (approximately for 10-15 times for each leg). 5. Lying on the back on a floor, lift feet upwards, separate them and then bring them back together. 6. Lying on the back, lift your feet upwards and shake them before your legs get reddened a little. While doing these very excercises your feet muscles should be relaxed as much as it is possible. Except for doing a complex of gymnastics, daily excercises, in order to achieve the maintenance of the good blood circulation in your feet and to get rid of the weariness, it is recommended to do on a regular basis a medical foot bath. Foot bath eliminates the developments of the stagnation in a perfect way, soften and sate skin of your feet with useful substances. It is recommended to do a foot bath with the application of various medical grasses, salts and aromatic oils. A hydrochloric bath well removes weariness and improves the current of the lymph. Add 200 g of table salt to 5 liters of hot water, then stir well and hold your feet up to a knee for 10-15 minutes, adding gradually adding some hot water. After such a procedure it is recommended to lie in bed, to put the platen under your feet and cover them warmly. The foot bath with rosemary facilitates the removal of the weariness and hypostases of your feet, it also softens the skin. In this case, it is possible to add a full handful of rosemary to the liter of water, to make broth and to hold a leg in such a tray for 20 minutes or so. The foot bath with the application of aromatic oils of citrus tones up and removes puffiness. Acetic trays considerably improve blood circulation, remove painful sensations and weight in your feet.
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