News in electrotherapy stimulation

Necessity of restoration the reflex interrelation of the visual analyzer with elements of the central regulation demands use of electrotherapy stimulation, first of all, at the diseases caused or accompanying with damaged neuroreceptor system and a reflex arch. The cranial electrotherapy is essential at loss of sensitivity in cornea and abiotrophic processes in the retina.

Basic element of mechanism of medical influence of electrotherapy stimulation is the functional induction of superfluous anabolism, which is shown in separative processes of intracellular and fabric regeneration.

The increase in the maintenance and synthesis in cells, including increase in mobility, disintegration and updating phospholipin membranes, amplification of collagen synthesis is marked. Simultaneously there is an activization of a regional and local blood-groove. Two components can lay in a basis of effect of improvement of sight with a help of electrotherapy stimulation.

At first level, there occurs recovery of serviceability of elements, which were viable, but did not spend the visual information. It happens owing to synchronous excitation of cells at a level of a retina and an optic nerve. Another is the level of a visual bark in which, because of stimulation, arises the center of firm irritability that results in restoration of cell function.

The electrotherapy stimulation has been applied for more then 25 years in clinical practice. Thus, the wide spectrum of methodical approaches and devices has been developed for electrotherapy stimulation by present time, which can be classified in three basic kinds:

1. The percutaneous electrotherapy stimulation of the visual analyzer;

2. The conjunctival electrotherapy;

3. The implant cranial electrotherapy.

In the classification, all kinds of electrotherapy are grouped by a principle of a generality, the main attribute is the place of imposing of an active electrode. The cranial electrotherapy stimulation is widely used after operations caused by damages of a spinal cord, segmentary, local physiotherapy and balneotherapy.

After operations on spinal both cranial nerves and textures (neurolysis, sewing, plastic, etc.) in outpatient conditions many months or long-term regenerative treatment is needed, preferably under control.

The special points for acupuncture are used in electrotherapy. The low electric resistance in such points on a human body eases the process of localization and therapy. Such lines are named meridians and they had the main part in the mechanism of medical influence on an organism through acupuncture points.

Europeans introduced the word "meridian" by analogy to imagined lines of globe. Ancient Chinese named them "kins" (vessels, channels). Chinese have denominated each meridian of body with which it is connected: meridians of heart, a liver, easy, a bladder, and so on. The exclusion was made for median meridians, as these meridians are formed by two lines of the identical points located symmetrically on both sides of a body.

The classical theory of acupuncture is used in electrotherapy and describes 14 meridians: 12 symmetric and two medians which pertain not only to body, but also to a mental status. Meridians are not functionally detached, saving the power individuality. Each of them cooperates with others, that allows to carry out mutual transfer of energy.

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