Maidenform lingerie is a perefct solution

Maidenform lingerie collection expands from stylish Maidenform bras to comfortable and good-looking Maidenform support undergarments. It is worthwhile discovering for yourself how pleasant is the comfort and security that Maidenform lingerie can give you. The comfortable Maidenform undergarments are also incredibly feminine and great for everyday wear.
Russian-born U.S. dressmaker and businesswoman, who is often credited as the inventor of the brassiere, opened up a dress shop in 1921, which a year later was registered the name Maiden Form. In 1925 the first Maidenform lingerie plant was opened in Bayonne, New Jersey to focus solely on their most popular product, brassieres (although the company would later produce lingerie and swimwear as well). Despite the Great Depression maidenform lingerie was very successful and expanded into markets across the United States, Europe and Latin America. The Maidenform bra and Maidenform support undergarments originated as an accessory to improve the fit of the dresses they sold, but it became so popular that they began to sell it separately. Maidenform bra was a major improvement over previous bras, because they used cups that supported and conformed to the breasts, rather than downplaying them as had been the style (known as the "Boyish Form"). Maidenform lingerie made many other advancements. Maidenform was the first company to sell maternity bras, and the company invented a standard for cup sizes. In 1942, Maidenform received a patent for an adjustable fastener. During this time, Maidenform was also known for its racy newspaper ads featuring Maidenform bras and Maidenform support undergarments and its advertising slogan "I dreamed... in a Maidenform Bra." Merry widow - a short, strapless corset with half-cups for the breasts and long garters, was first made by the Maidenform lingerie company in 1952, to coincide with the 1952 film, The Merry Widow. The original Merry Widow Maidenform support undergarments were a full-length corselette, cut with attractive panels of black and white lace, incorporating slim panels of black elastic yarn net. A heavy-duty zip was inserted behind a velvet-backed hook-and-eye flange, and the whole garment was lined with nylon voile. Nine long spiral wires were cased in black satin. Turner is reputed to have said, "I am speaking about Maidenform ligerie, it is safe to say that it is the source of indispensable support, irresistible fit and feminine charm. The characteristic feature of Maidenform bras is unparalleled comfort that comes in a pack with luxurious fit. Maidenform lingerie is also appreciated for the smooth look and being absolutely unobtrusive under outer wear. Every item of maidenform ligerie is actually a real masterpiece designed and manufactured with ultimate care in order to provide the best possible support and a superior long lasting beauty. Maidenform lingerie bras alone are sure to strike you by their incredibly variety. Every particular type of maidenform lingerie bras has the focus on some particular detail and provide perfect fit long with a superior look. Speaking about Maidenform support undergarments, it is worth mentioning that they are very attractive and ultimately feminine. If you are looking for something bright, gentle, a hundred per cent "girlish", you are certain to find it in the large maidenform lingerie collection. Wearing Maidenform bras you can be sure that your breast are being taken goof care of. maidenform support undergarments are invariably a potent draw for men and this is also one of the aspects that constitute the Maidenform lingerie incredible charm.
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