The art of managing long hair

Managing long hair is not easy - but the result can be amazing. It is an art and you should learn the long hair braiding advice in order to make everything well. Long hair trimming is not easy and quick, but long and beautiful hair is worth your effort and time. Take your time and tray with us, if you really need that.

Women constantly catch themselves getting estimates from the gaze of men. All is exposed to a careful survey: the face, a figure, gait, clothes ... Statistics testifies, that hair is the sixth place on a men's list for determining what makes a beautiful woman. Psychologists assert what exactly the style of hair creates a unique image of the woman.

However, managing long hair is burdensome in practice. The most patient raise the head of hair to a maximum length of up to 9.84 feet. At present, the record belongs to the Chinese woman: the length of her hair reaches 10 ft. This achievement is registered in the book of records. However, winners in this nomination vary enough frequently, therefore such a length is far from being a limit.

What should you know for managing long hair? The living part of your hair is only the bulb, which is actively supplied with blood and microscopic nervous fibers. Your hair is basically a dead and absolutely painless structure. For this reason they can be cut, dried with a hot hair drier, and rolled up on hair curlers without any unpleasant sensations. In hair, there is a core and a covering cuticle, consisting of the thinnest keratin. These scales are stacked in such a manner that reminds a one of a tile roof. If hair is healthy, they densely adjoin to a core and to each other. With damaged hair, the cuticle rises similarly to sea waves, and a disarranged plate cannot reflect light. Therefore, dim and split hair is an attribute of damaged structures.

Long hair draws attention. Managing long hair is easy for collecting and pinning it up. Hair curler,s in a flash, transform long hair into a magic mane. Here the center of attention becomes the raised long hair braiding advice. Brushes left for some time in your hair will not cool down. A thick circular brush stacks other hair. Do you want something that is solemn looking? Make a lateral hair parting, to wind hair on hair curlers of the average size. Dry out well and cautiously untwist, and comb with a brush. Put some gel on your fingers and put it on your hair, throwing them back.

In a ground case feature of a classical banana are the ends which are looking out outside. They give to your hair an easier kind of dress. Put gel on your dry hair, all strictly to comb back. It is ready! Curls are always in fashion - remember this simple thing while managing long hair! Wind all hair on thick curlpapers, dry up, untwist, the set should be pinned up freely a forehead back. Classic refers to renaissance, which is very romantic and becoming to any kind of hair and face. Comb back your hair on the right and at the left thrust on comb. The curled ends intertwine among themselves and pin up.

Long hair trimming is not as hard as it can seem! There are variants always and you can find something easy and becoming within minutes. Wavy hair wakes your mood up and your face looks romantic. Such magnificent ringlets are not magic, but the result of the action of curlpapers. Wind your hair by thin locks, dry it up and put some spray on to fix the waves. Thin hair won't keep shape for a long time if you use no spray. The set helps you to choose the best variant of hair dress and to make it easily and quickly. Have a good time and enjoy!

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