The Areas of Laser Use and its Applications in the Field of Medicine

The technique of laser stomatology has appeared rather recently. The areas of laser use include application in other areas, in ophthalmology, for example, gynecology, dermatology, and in other areas of medicine. Cavity removal and hardening bonding materials has recommended itself excellently. Now, the laser has stepped into stomatologic clinics and gained it prominent place in this field.

Laser stomatology is the fastest, effective and most sterile way - in most cases without inducing bleeding - which saves the healthy tissue and reduces post operational inconveniences in all areas of laser use.

Implantation of teeth with the help of the laser is not a fantasy! The procedure of implantation and cavity removal occupies between 15 and 30 minutes. The laser that provides the best result, qualitative healing and absolute sterility. The implant represents the cylindrical core made of titanium. Then from above the implant buries the mucous.

After the procedure of implantation, it is necessary to wait between 2 weeks and 6 months for the beginning of constant prosthetics. For this time, the hardening bonding materials made of plastic are established. For this term, the implants grow together with the jaw one.

Use of the laser gives significant advantages at carrying out this procedure in different areas of laser use. It is less traumatic since it is not accompanied by a bleeding. After laser processing the film protects a wound from getting infected. The use of the laser allows making implantation more comfortable for the patient and with the best effect.

Cost of implantation depends on the chosen system of implants and varies in different areas of laser use. We use some systems that allow doing this procedure to patients with different material opportunities. The heavy infringements of a metabolism and some chronic diseases are considered as contra-indication to procedure of implantation. The absence of a bone tissue in a zone of implantation was considered as contra-indication earlier. However, now due to the newest techniques with use of bio-regulators this contra-indication is eliminated.

Procedure of implantation allows patients to refuse inconvenient demountable artificial limbs and to grind a healthy tooth or restore the lost one. The implants are intended for people who tent to economize: in fact, the owners of implants do not need to purchase new dental artificial limbs since the implants will serve to you practically all your life.

The different areas of laser use include the stomatological clinic for processing pathological pockets, gingivotomy and gingivectomy. It is used for de-epicardialization tissues at a scientific and technological revolution and preparations before removal of dental adjournment. In root canal treatments, the laser stomatology is applied to sterilization of root channels. The stomatological clinic carries out laser analgesine treatment and laser hyperesthesia.

The laser stomatology is applied in small surgery of an oral cavity to increase in biological space, plastics of bridles, excision of papillomas, biopsy, stops of bleedings, and treatment of leukoplakia. Lasers enable to make cuts through a tissue and a surface, deleting thus layers of tissues. Absence of a bleeding allows carrying out the given operations with the greater accuracy. The gingival tissues are easily evaporated, leaving precise territories. Parameters of width and length of cuts and heights of gingival contours are easily achievable.

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