Treatment of depression ? the antidepressant information

The antidepressant information shows new ways of treating depression with the help of electro-stimulation of a wandering nerve (vagus nerve stimulation - VNS). The device looks like pacemaker but pulses do not move into heart. The antidepressant comparison confirms that antidepressants can stop epileptic attacks and bring obvious improvement of patients' mood.

The antidepressant comparison of medical effect showed that electric pulsations change the character of blood circulation in the certain zones of brain - similarly to pharmacological energizers. The antidepressant information provides with data on devices that are already approved by the European Union and Canada. The use of VNS is wide spread for treatment of such diseases as neurosis, phobias, bulimia (the increased appetite) and migraines. The antidepressant information marks out the phototherapy - an alternative to antidepressants.

Postnatal depression often affects women, but the treatment of pregnant and nursing mothers makes a certain challenge for medicine. The prescribing of antidepressants to nursing women is not used, as the antidepressant information shows. There is a phototherapy (treatment by special light), that can be adequate alternative to pharmacological preparations.

Psychiatrist Katherine L. Wisner from medical school at University of Pittsburg (USA) has proved the accuracy of antidepressant information showing that the every-day ten-minute phototherapy in the morning helps to overcome depression. The phototherapy can have positive effect at slight forms of depression, without collateral actions. Unfortunately, the antidepressant information shows that phototherapy can provoke deterioration of mental disorder at heavy variants of depression.

Treatment of depression at diseases of joints raises quality of a life of patients! Modern methods of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system do not allow coping completely with inflammatory process in joints. Unique way to improve capacity of patients is struggle against a pain.

The depressions and arthritis form the main reasons of incapacity for elder people. There was special investigation of 1800 old men suffering depression. The arthritis was found in 1001 cases!

It is established, that taking antidepressants essentially reduces not only state of health of patients, but also reduces pain and improves functions of joints and as a whole quality of a life of patients. Scientists consider that antidepressants should become obligatory components of treatment for elderly patients with chronic diseases of joints.

The antidepressant information shows the following symptoms of depression:

- Decrease in mood prevailing almost daily, the most part of day and proceeding not less than 2 weeks;

- Loss of interests and pleasures from earlier pleasant activity;

- Undue fatigability and decrease in activity.

Additional symptoms:

- The reduced ability to concentrate attention;

- Decrease in a self-appraisal and feeling of uncertainty;

- Thoughts of guilt and humiliation, self-accusation without any reason;

- Gloomy and pessimistic vision of the future;

- Ideas or actions on self-damage or a suicide;

- The broken dream;

- Change of appetite with respective alterations of weight of a body.

Each of the mentioned symptoms should be an alarm signal, motivation for introspection and reason to think about consulting specialist.

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