Tennis And Senior Players

Senior players play only senior tennis! There are many senior players age groups, which involve players and fans of all ages and from all countries. The senior players tournaments are among the very famous sport events! People cross the ocean to see their favorite player and they will remember this day until the end of their life.

Tennis is a kind of sports in which two players ("single game"), or two teams consisting of two players ("pair game") compete. The basic task of contenders is to hit a ball on the side of the opponent so that that he could not parry it.

Modern tennis has an official name of lawn tennis to distinguish it from table-tennis. In an older version, contenders played in closed rooms, and now on a completely open court. Tennis is an Olympic kind of sport.

Senior players play on a rectangular platform with an equal surface and the put marking-court. There are various kinds of coverings of tennis courts: grassy, ground, firm, or synthetic carpet. The type of covering influences the ball and dynamics of movement of the senior players, therefore strategy on the game courts with different coverings can cardinally differ.

For drawing impacts on a ball, senior players use a racket that consists of the handle and round rims with the tense strings. The string surface is used for impacts on a ball. Frames for rackets were initially made of a tree, now they are made of the complex composites consisting of ceramics, hydro- carbonaceous fiber and metals. Strings for tennis rackets are artificial (nylon, polyester) and natural (made of guts of animals). The last possess the best characteristics for game, but also are much more expensive than the artificial, therefore they are accessible only to the elite of world tennis.

Senior players play on different sides of a grid. One of them is serving and enters a ball in game, making the serve. The other senior player accepts the submission. The task of senior players age groups is to direct a ball on the side of the contender, getting the ball within the boundaries of the court. The player should have time to strike in turn on a ball which has not touched the court more than once. The player, who has made a mistake, loses draw, and his contender gets point.

It is necessary for players to collect points for prizes of games. Collecting games, one of the players wins one set. For a prize of a match, it is necessary to win two of three, or three of five sets. As soon as one of players collects the necessary quantity of sets, the match comes to the end.

At official senior players tournaments there is a judge. For the best view of the court he sits on an eminence - a tower, therefore he is named the judge on a tower. The judge has the absolute right to make decisions. The judge on a tower can be helped by judges on line, which determine whether the ball has landed within the limits of court.

Tennis tournaments are usually divided into tournaments for men and women. The certain quantity of players can participate in each tournament. Competitions of men and women, a pair of men and women (teams of two players of one sex participate), the mixed team rooms (teams from players of both sexes) are widespread nowadays.

Tournaments for the certain age group are quite often carried out. They are nurseries, youthful and tournaments of veterans. There are also tournaments for invalids. The largest representative tournaments are carried out within the framework of ATP-round for men and WTA-round for women.

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