Swim Acessories That Look Good, Feel Good and Make You Swim Faster!

At purchase of swim accessories for a scuba diving (as well as at any other purchase), the complex approach is important. When you buy footwear, it is necessary to get a cream to make it rushed and well-looked for a long time. You need a brush and other means on care of footwear. The same goes about neoprene headband, ear putty or earplugs and other details.

A gentlemen's set of swim acessories means the diving equipment and the necessary accessories. When the first curriculum Open Water Diver is finished, the newly certified diver is faced with one question. What equipment to buy, what brand and in what sequence? We want to give some recommendations, which will help the beginners and already enough skilled divers, but not having any equipment. They will be useful also to those who did not stop training, but were already actively interested in diving

Let's remember what is included into a full set of swim acessories and the equipment: a diving suit, gloves, neoprene boots, flippers, mask, the equalizer of buoyancy (BCD), computer, the complete set of a regulator, neoprene headband, ear putty or earplugs, the additional equipment (lanterns, coils and so forth).

Some people will ask - what about cargo and cylinders? They can be bought only if you are going to be immersed on your own, irrespective of the dive-centers. That is close enough from a house. In fact, you can hardly drag the heavy cylinder to the plain. However, then own compressor will not also prevent you. The price of the last varies from $150 dollars for the old hammering in one cylinder, up to $1,000 dollars for the best samples such as Bower. The exceptions in this category are ponies - cylinders (a small emergency cylinder, on 3-4 liters) and special cargo. However, not many people use ponies and technical divers make the subject for special conversation. We shall sometimes remind them, but the analysis of their equipment is not included into our task

Now a few words about the additional swim acessories. The specialized bag for your equipment considerably facilitates the process of transportation. In addition, if you have bought the complete set it will not be obviously superfluous. Choose a bag based on reasons of convenience, its durability and volume of your equipment. Good bags are at Mares, Technique, and Buchan. And it's already been proven that women really dig guys who have stylish equipment bags.

Flashlights are desirable for anyone who goes on a night dive or who dives in murky waters (in the Baltic Sea for example, you can't see a damn thing in less than10 meters of water). The optimum variant includes presence of two lights. The big one is for industrial work and the small one is for pleasure divers.

The special Rambo diving knife is rather desirable. You'll be glad you have it if you come face to face with a shark.  It will help if you get tangled up on the ocean floor or swim into a bed of kelp. In our opinion, it is more preferable to take a knife that is of an average or small size. It carries out all functions perfectly and is compact, and that nasty tiger shark won't know what hit when you drive your Rambo knife deep into its gullet.

The mask, tube and flippers make for a complete set of swim acessories. We advise you to try them on first before you purchase them. The size of your face is an important consideration - one size of face will fit one mask but another fits better on a completely different kind of mask. There are many types of masks. It is better to take flippers with open heel and neoprene boats or socks. This variant is more universal. And an alarm buoy and the coil are necessary for technical divers. Recreational swimmers can use them for deep submergence or submergence in difficult conditions, and to prevent the swimmer for being lost in the sea. Which, you know can happen if you go for a really long swim.

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