Strict, but Effective Classic Scarsdale Diet

Several centuries ago people tried to make special power supply systems for the improvement of health and weight reduction. In 1087, King Wilhelm, suffering from strong adiposity, tried to make his own original diet in order to get rid of extra kilograms. Instead of food, he used alcohol in unlimited quantities. This diet has lead only to negative consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to lose weight correctly, trying to take into consideration the condition of your health, specific features of your organism, and possible side-effects.

In order to lose weight effectively and harmlessly, it is necessary to approach the question of a choice of both a diet system and an exercise program seriously. There are many diets that are aimed at very fast weight reduction. These diets, as a rule, give good results, but are quite for the short-term. The weight not only is restored, but it can also slowly increase. As a result of any diet, there is a change in your metabolism.

Therefore, one of the main criteria to necessarily pay attention to is how safe is your health with this choice of diet. With the help of a diet, it is not only necessary to lose weight, but also to adjust the metabolism in an organism, so to further support the normal weight of the body.

One of the power supply systems which were developed with a view of not harming an organism is the classic Scarsdale Diet. The author of this diet was Doctor Herman Tarnower. Doctor Tarnower, living in Scarsdale, in the United States, wrote the book, The Complete Scarsdale Diet, in which the essence of the Scarsdale Diet and the Scarsdale Diet Daily Plan was described in great detail.

The power supply system of Doctor Tarnower is designed to be used for two weeks during which all fates and simple carbohydrates are completely excluded from your diet. This means sugar, chocolate, pies, cakes, bread, and almost all dairy products. It is strictly forbidden to partake of any alcoholic drinks while observing the classic Scarsdale Diet. The lists of the resolved and recommended products are albuminous foods, like meat and fish. In very limited quantities the use of fruit and vegetables is okay. The Scarsdale Daily Diet Plan shouldn't exceed 1000 kilocalories.

Except for the strict observation of a recommended diet, the author of the diet suggests to use the special psychological program. This will help you get psychologically fit to deal with the adjustments of loosing weight will create Observing the psychological program is one of the major points of the classic Scarsdale Diet.

The power supply system of Doctor Tarnower is considered to be one of the strictest and most rigid and effective diets for 14 days.  On this diet, it is possible to get rid of seven kilograms. The classic Scarsdale Diet is believed to be intended to reorganize the system and the metabolism of a human body. It is thought that the increase in the quantity of the consumption of albuminous foods and the simultaneous decrease of fats and carbohydrates received by the human body will promotes an intensification of the fat burning process in the human body.

However, in spite of the fact that a diet has been developed, all the medical aspects of growing thin have been taken into account. The observance of the power supply system is contra-indicted for people that are suffering from chronic fatigue. We have strongly tested pregnant and breast-feeding women, teenagers, and people who are suffering from various diseases, like kidney and urinary problems.

Choosing the classic Scarsdale Diet for loosing weight, it will be necessary to be ready for 14 long days of not eating tasty or favorite foods. However, to be harmonious and beautiful, it is worth it.

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