Sport Dentistry Tips and Advice on How to Avoid mouth Injuries

Sport dentistry is very important and serious part of sports activities. Not only footballers, basketball-players or athletes need regular dental service. Other sportsmen, male and female, can suffer from facial or oral injuries. If sportsmen, even amateurs, do not worry about the prevention of injury they will spend their lifetime in the chair of dentist and pay a lot of money for teeth and jaw reconstruction. Here we present some sport dentistry tips, explain how to avoid mouth injuries and give some general sport dentistry advice.

According to the sport statistics data the percentage of facial and oral injuries is up to 34. The statistic investigation included all type of sport. Moreover, it included serious facial and oral injuries occurred during the sport classes in schools and colleges. In the case teeth, facial joints, jaws, facial muscles, tongue may suffer. The treatment needs time, force and money. According to National youth sport foundation the victims of mouth injuries may spend thousands of dollars per the tooth to renew his jaw and face.

The prevention is always the main and the best method of any treatment. Especially it concerns sportsmen whose time and physical condition is a part of the job and life and they may lose their fortune and career because of any serious injury. Here we give some sport dentistry tips and brief review of main injury prevention means.

A general and main sport dentistry advice is to use mouth-guards to avoid mouth injuries.

First of all, dentists recommend boxers and wrestlers to use mouth-guards and faceguards. There is a great world experience of using such the guards in the above sports. Last years dentistry recommends footballers and basketball players to use mouth-guards. The facial and oral injuries rate is the highest in basketball. It is 34 per cent. American dental association believes that the thousands of injuries can be prevented by using good and proper mouth-guards. And it insists on using them in schools, colleges and sport clubs.

The next sport dentistry tips are the following. The selection of mouth-guards should be serious and thoughtful. Usual spot retailer can offer you the prevention mean that will be damaged after the first coaching. It would be better if the dental specialist selects the guards individually for each sport type and each sportsman. Especially it concerns young sportsmen whose face, jaw and teeth are not fully matured. So, there could be some cavities or missing teeth. It is another sport dentistry advice.

Then the material is very important. The mouth-guards should be comfortable, thin and safe. The material should not deform after using. Last years the vacuum technology was used to adopt the mouth-guards for individual teeth and gum. As a result all the posterior teeth are covered and muscles are free. The vacuum technology can be used with copolymer mouth-guards. But it can be used only for single layer preventive means.

Currently the laminated materials are used for mouth-guards manufacturing. It was shown that such the means could be easily adapted to the individual (teeth and gum). Moreover, it maintains the pressure and is not defected. It is achieved by the technique of lamination when different materials could be used in manufacturing. Again the lamination allows having the proper thickness of the guards.

The pressure lamination allows having the minimum thickness even in the critical areas. These mouth-guards are manufactured in special laboratories. So, it is better to trust professionals but not usual sport stores (it is again the sport dentistry tips).

Today sport dentists highly recommend using laminated mouth-guards, as it is the best mean of facial and oral prevention.

We hope that our sport dentistry tips informed the young sportsmen, their coachers and generally common people and gave the useful general knowledge of dentistry and health means in sport.

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