Special piercer equipment

Everyone wants to have a great look, someone wants to have uncommon appearance and that is not so important how our stylish appearance will be achieved. Buying new stylish clothes is one of the choices, which is used by most of us. Body piercing is another choice. Nowadays piercing is very popular affair, so many specialists buy piercer equipment (such as stailess steel needles, rubber corks) and open their piercing shops.
Probably everyone knows that piercing is an act or practice of body piercing with the purpose of jewellery wearing. Art made on or consisting of the human body is called body art. Body art and body piercing are very popular among young people, and even not young people, who would like to have some tattoos or piercing.

In the beginning of the century in many countries body and face piercing and body art were something unacceptable and even inadmissible. Only some groups and categories of young girls and boys (for instance, various rock groups or some extraordinary people) had piercing and tattoos. But nowadays body and face piercing and body art are very popular. And that`s why piercing and body art business is very profitable.

Well, what do you need to became a body piercer? There are some special rules that you should follow if you want to be a high class piercer. First of all, try to study as a student in some respectable studio under a high-class and experienced professional. Don`t forget to use only high-quality piercer equipment, because using poor-quality piercer equipment may lead to bad results and your own reputation will be under pressure.

The next rule is that you should attend a training class of bloodborne pathogens. There are many places where you can do that, for instance, The National Safety Council or Red Cross. Then you should attend a First Aid/CPR training classes, you can do it also in Red Cross. Learning disinfection, cross-contamination, sterilization and other healthy and safety issues you have to spend three months as minimum. Also you should spend from six months to one year as an apprentice before you have achieved the name of piercer.

Another important rule is remarking all of procedures before you will try them and don`t forget to proceed new procedure only (strongly recommended) under training piercer supervision. If you want to be a high-quality piercer, you have to learn customer service, aftercare operations and various troubleshooting. Also, you have to attend various reputable seminars (of four days or longer), which should combine lectures on safety, anatomy, techniques, hygiene and even hands-on piercing experience.

Talking about piercer equipment it should be noted that there is a great variety of piercing supplies. There are some special categories of piercer equipment: piercing needles, piercing tools, piercing body jewelry, piercing sterilization, piercing ultrasonics, piercing medical supplies. Body piercing supplies include following: stailess steel needles, rubber corks, sterile piercing needles, piercing needle shop pack, receiving tubes, insertion tapers, ring opening pliers, ring closing pliers, forceps, single piercing kits, nylon forceps. Ultrasonics include the following items: ultrasonic cleaner, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaner solution and others. Such category as autoclave and sterilization consists of autoclave sterilization pouch, dry heat pounch, sharps container and others.

So, if you have decided to have a tattoo or piercing, you should go to a studio with good reputation to avoid various problems.
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