Still unclear whether microwave hair removal is safe

Microwave hair removal is the method in which microwave radiation is sent into the hair follicle. Heat that appears in the place where radiation is applied causes damage to the follicle and, thus, stops hair growth. However, hair follicle is not the only thing that can be affected, all the area around it is heated, so that can be potentially dangerous for you health (especially if it is used on your face) and can cause burns
Different techniques of hair removal are in demand. They will probably stay very popular in the future, because there are many people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. To solve their problem these people may choose among a great number of different methods. Of course, these methods give different results, so you have only to make a decision what method is better for you. To make this hard decision you just need to compare all the advantages and disadvantages different methods of hair removal offer. First of all, there are pretty simple methods that can be used at home. These are waxing, depilatory cream and epilator. The main advantage of these methods is, of course, the price: they are cheap. But they all also have a great disadvantage, the result you can get with such methods is temporary and all the procedures have to be repeated from time to time. Depilatory creams will take away your hair only for several days. But such technique is very easy to apply. Some of the creams can cause an allergy and even chemical burns which, of course, is a serious disadvantage. With waxing you can get the result that can last for almost a month. But here is another problem, waxing is a very painful procedure. Sensations can be less painful with the epilator. This device works like tweezers - pretty similar to waxing when hair is removed with a root but a single hair is removed at a time which is less painful. But still the result lasts only for a month. A more durable or even permanent effect can be achieved with other technologies of hair removal. For example, laser hair removal treatment. This procedure involves affecting hair follicle with a powerful flash of laser light which damages the follicle. In most cases, such a procedure stops the hair growth. But as long as pretty complex equipment is required, the price of this hair-removal method is rather high. There are cheaper alternatives like microwave hair removal. But unlike the laser technique, microwave hair removal has not been tested very well and there is still no sufficient data on its safety. In case of microwave hair removal hair follicle is affected by a microwave radiation. A microwave hair removal device works more or less like a microwave oven heating the area around the hair follicle and, thus, killing it. But this method makes no difference between hair and any tissues around it. So, with microwave hair removal you get everything around hair heated although this may cause irritation and even burns. That makes technique of microwave hair removal pretty dangerous, especially if it is used to get rid of facial hair. There is another method that has been already in use for more than ten years and, thus, has proved its safety. It is electrolysis hair removal. This method also affects hair follicle but with electric current. For that a special electrode is inserted into follicle. But such a technique makes the procedure pretty long and it takes a lot of efforts because each hair follicle has to be treated separately. These days you can find simple devices for home electrolysis hair removal which work by the same principle. They are easy to operate so that you can use them at home just like the regular epilator.
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