The groups of skin changes factors.

The skin changes factors can be divided into two big groups: uncontrollable (sun exposure, environment, gravity, aging, etc) that are solved by new cosmetic surgery procedures and usage of modern skin care lines and controllable (facial expression, lifestyle, diets, sleeping position, smoking, etc) that are under the human?s control and can be overcome much easier.

Human's skin is under the constant influence of different skin changes factors. Some of them are well known such as sun exposure, UV-radiation, harsh environment or human's bad habits, our lifestyles, heredity, kept diets but others are still in the stage of in-depth study. But one item of the skin changes factors is the head of all factor's classification lists ? it is an inevitable aging.

Is it possible to stop the process of aging? How can we prevent it? Can the humanity return the lost young appearance? All these endless questions stimulate active investigations that throw the light on the problem of skin aging and the ways of its improving.

Aging process causes some structural changes such as the loss of necessary tissue support. The combination of this influence with sun exposure factor changes the skin significantly. The result is rough skin with lots of lesions, wrinkles and lines. The body cover becomes slack losing its elasticity and gaining thin epidermis (its upper layer). The high ?level technologies of modern cosmetic surgery are designed specially for overcoming of these problems.

Photoaging is caused by sun ultraviolet light. Skin sagging, stretching, bruising, the loss of ability to snap are the results of elastin breakdown. It is proved that the sun damage influences always the human body, but is more obvious later. Staying out of the sun can not only save the skin from rapid aging but also prevent skin cancer. The list of uncontrollable skin changes factors includes chronic diseases, aging, gender, skin structure, ethnicity, gravity, injuries, photosensitivity, hormones, etc. Some researches also add the facial expression factor to this list.

Some scientists divide skin changes factors into three groups: environmental factors, genetic and nutrition factors. But the rest of factors are very influential. Stress, obesity problem, facial expression and even sleep position become the basis of skin condition. These secondary factors amplify the process of skin changes. Long ear lobes, double-chin effect, drooping eyebrows and eyelids are caused also by gravity forces. The loss of skin elasticity in its turn causes the visibility of facial; movement traces (traditionally after reaching the age of 30-40).
The sleep position influence much creases forming, the choice of right position can prevent this problem.

It happens that we cannot observe skin change process because of its difficult mechanism. For instance subcutaneous changes are difficult to research because of the performance location. The loss of under skin fat is the reason of sunken eyes and awful appearance; bone loss is common problem after 60 years old, it causes skin puckering effect; cartilage loss leads to drooping parts.

Skin condition is an area also influenced by smoking. The negative result is evident but fortunately it can be prevented just by giving up smoking.

Recently the problem of uncontrollable skin changes factors is solving thanks to new skin care lines and high-technological procedures. At the same time bad habits and life style are under the control of the person himself.

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