Sexual addicts behavior might be dangerous for society

The word "addiction" describes a form of self-destructive behavior, the one that cannot be stopped despite any predictable and well-known negative consequences. Sexual addicts behavior is a growing problem that keeps on showing itself unfavorable to a decent society. People suffering from this kind of addiction are characterized by a preoccupation and ritualization, and a compulsive sexual behavoir.

Among the variety of different addictions, sexual addiction is probably the most terrible one, for sex addicts can make harm not only to themselves but also to other people, who frequently become the innocent victims of a sexual addicts behavior.

The cycle of sexual addiction begins with a preoccupation, when one's mind becomes largely focused on sex. In such a condition a person begins an obsessive search for sexual stimulation. The second stage is a process of ritualization. This process intensifies the preoccupation and ritualization adds axcitement. And the last part is the acting out of sexual behavior. The sexual addict feels compelled to make such rituals. And, unfortunately, the last phase is despair, a feeling of hopelessness over such sexual addicts behavior.

A sex addict sees in sex a kind of pain reliever, a chance of running away from loneliness, a bad mood, or sleep. Other ways of sexual addicts behavior might be: obsession with sex that controls the person's life, or, too much time spent on sex (planning, fantasies). Sometimes such compulsive sexual behavior may cause problems at work or even in the family. Also sexual addicts behavior is shown through a feeling of powerlessness or the impossibility to control oneself despite any consequences. For such people it is difficult to build any strong loving relationship.

The basis is not the feeling, but sex, although the satisfaction from the act is so little. Compulsive sexual behavoir addicts might be described in different forms, including those that many take for normal. The number of partners or type of this sexual activity are not the main factors for examining this problem. The most significant pattern of sexual addict behavior is a self-destructive sexual feeling, the one which the person is unable to stop.

Among sex addicts 63% are heterosexuals, 11% - bisexuals and 18% - homosexuals. Compulsive sexual behavior of people makes them think that they might not be understood by others and this feeling is keeping them in fear of having serious relations. For a sexual addicts behavior is to have more superficial contacts. But despite its frequency these people suffer from loneliness. 97% of addicts admitted that their compulsive sexual behavior led to understating of their self-esteem, others felt shame, isolation, hopelessness, emotional exhaustion, and so on. The problem of sexual addiction may lead to problems with alcohol or usage of drugs, in some cases this may lead to eating disorders.

The reasons for uncontrolled sexual behavior may be different. This could be caused by "addiction" to sex, or, a physical disorder. All the problems connected with hyper-sexuality both among men and women can be caused owing to irritation of the brain cortex by arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, or, a tumor. But such disorders are rarely dealt with.

People seeking treatment for compulsive sexual behavior may take part in a trauma resolution program. Such treatment is often given at a Life Healing Center. This treatment program believes that sexual recovery is the main part of healing the trauma. No matter what is the source of injury: sexual abuse, emotional or physical, trauma affects all of the body. Of course, this is not the only treatment program. For more information you may also surf the web or simply visit your doctor.

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