Sex and the City ? A Prime Time Series That Revolutionized Prime-Time Programming

There some TV shows that were created to entertain but turned out to be "lifestyle-forming" TV shows. They make us laugh and think and every day when they are on TV we put off our job (even if it's impossible to do) and turn on the TV set. And in the morning, when they repeat the series we watch it again just to make sure everything we saw the day before actually really happened.. You know what we are talking about "? Sex and the City"!

Sex and the City is a mystery. Why is it really so popular? Why does it help women to challenge and to win? Why do men watch it? Is it because on Sex and the City, the women had sex on TV? That they cursed? That they cursed while having sex? Hard to say for sure.

But the fact really is that ladies all over the world do not go to bed without watching the next episode of Sex and the City. Men do not go to bed without missing it. And even spouses, who have been living together for 20 years do not go to bed before watching the series, and what is much more important, they do go to bed after it, but they do not fall asleep!

Let's watch "Sex and the City". Of course there is sex. And it is sex in the series that makes men and women feel young and appealing, full of energy and ideas stay positive and relaxed. And sex in the series is so highly-qualified that even the most reserved people are not shy to watch Samantha's deeds. But it seems that it is not sex that made Sex and the City so popular.

Yes, it is the City. And the City is so different for everyone. The city is the strongest rival and the best friend for the characters of the series. And there is the City in the life of any woman.  It is a challenge, an aim that is so alluring, but so hard to get.

In Sex and the City, the men find all the ladies, so different and not particular ideals of the beauty, are so sexual, so interesting, so desired and it helps them to realize the beauty around them. In their wives, old friends, ladies-colleagues, sisters and mothers. To see their complicated feelings and problems and what is so great, to see they are weak. It also helps them to see the inner world of women: why they get offended sometimes, why they are not happy when you expect them to be, why they are crying so often.

For ladies, Sex and the City are almost so realistic that it practically is like watching therapy. Watching the series they begin to understand what their problems are. Ladies get the reason why they should not be sorry about a $200 pair of shoes. Because it makes them to feel gorgeous princess. It shows them why they should wear the most unusual dresses. Because it helps them to feel they are a personality. It helps them to get that in relations one should be open. Because it is the only way to find your sweetheart.

We should surely say thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall and Christine Device for being so patient, waiting for the roles and acting as dogs, pale girls, maids and being so tolerant when starring in it. Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon in particular created characters that many women can identify with. They had to wear high-heels all the day long and they got so much used to it, that when once one of the Ladies cricked, she still went on wearing high-heels. Is it a professional trauma?

It is amazing that so many young girls, almost teenagers, are dreaming about being in their 30s as soon as possible! It is so surprising that so many ladies prefer now to have a company of four friends and to talk about vibrators without ceremony. It is so hard to explain but easy to feel: Sex and the City helps women to feel strong, independent and what is the most important happy. Women watch the series and dream about their City, they venture and they gain! The city is so different for everyone but still it is so big, far and enchanting.

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