Secondary Infertility Causes of Special Concern to Couples

Secondary infertility is a big problem as it creates a lot of bad feelings and treatment is not easy. So you need to know more about possible secondary infertility causes to avoid problems. You can find a description of secondary infertility in medical literature or on the internet. There are certain recommendations you can follow to lower the risk of secondary infertility.

Infertility is a big problem, and for most couples it comes as a surprise. They do not know about this problem until they decide to have a baby. But there is also another kind of infertility - secondary infertility. In most cases it is even a bigger problem than primary infertility and it comes even more surprising. Couples that already have a baby do not even think that they might have a problem in this area. That is why there are so many studies and different articles about secondary infertility causes that appear these days. Until recent times there were no much data about secondary infertility and secondary infertility causes but now we can see a progress here.

There are many different factors that can lead to secondary infertility so it is necessary to study carefully the description of secondary infertility to avoid possible problems.

Secondary infertility causes include age, couple factor and different sorts of partners` pathologies.

Of all the secondary infertility causes, age is the most common factor. As the special medical studies show there is a significant decrease in female fertility at the age of 35. And at the age of 45 the possibility to get pregnant for a woman is only about 6%-7%. Much less data are available on how age affects male fertility but it also has been clearly shown that there is a certain decrease in both quality and quantity of sperm in men over 50. But as long as sperm is produced through the entire man's life there is always a possibility to conceive. So when you think of possible secondary infertility causes your age is a main factor to consider.

Another factor among secondary infertility causes is so-called couple factor. That is when one partner has previously successfully conceived (and gave birth to a child). Not that many studies have been performed on this factor but new methods of treatment of this problem are now introduced. The latest achievements in medicine allow finding the actual cause of the problem to treat it accordingly.

And the last but not the least of all the secondary infertility causes is pathology. Either one of both partner may have some problems. It is only possible to give birth to a healthy child if both sperm and eggs are healthy and they meet in appropriate environment. There are many different factors that might cause a problem here. For women that can be a tubal blockage for example while for men that can be different defects in spermatogenesis. And all these problems need a special approach and very special treatment in every case.

And talking about secondary infertility it is necessary to take into consideration all the possible secondary infertility causes because there are so many factors that are very important here. And of course there are certain things that all the couples can do to lower the risk of secondary infertility. Alcohol and smoking can increase the possibility of secondary infertility. And even your diet is one of the factors- dietary problems belong to the list of secondary infertility causes. You should avoid products that contain a lot of fat because that can affect fertility and cause many problems.

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