Sage herb has been used by the man for a very long time

There are many different herbs that have been used in folk medicine for ages. Sage herb is one of such herbs with medical use - a great number of medical recipes are available - all sorts of remedies like sage extract can be made of it. But sage is also a wonderful garden herb and a great number of people is enjoying sage flowers in their gardens and at home (it can be grown in pots also).
Sage herb is a medical herb that have been used for making different sorts of remedies. Its medical qualities were known to ancient people. With sage extract and other numerous remedies made of this wonderful herb they treated coughs, fevers and many other illnesses.

Sage herb is originated from Mediterranean region and it has been cultivated in such countries like Spain, Greece and Italy. Later sage herb was also brought to America, and now it can be met on both South and North American continents. Sage is actually a subshrub and it can easily grow upto 75 cm high. Sage stem has a lot of braches which are usually pretty strong and do not look like a regular herb. It becomes more herbaceous in its upper part, which dies in winter and colder periods.

Sage flowers are usually violet or blue, but sometimes rose and white colored sage flowers can be met. In its first year sage forms a pretty strong bush and it starts flowering only within a second year. As a material for different medical remedies long egg-shaped leaves of sage herb are used. These leaves contain a great amount of essential oil. In most cases sage herb is being cultivated only for this essential oil that consists of flavonoids and tanning agents. Thanks to these components sage herb is wonderful as antiseptic and antiphlogistic agent.

But sage is not only a material for medical remedies - it was always used as a kitchen herb. People added sage herb into tea and different sorts of dishes. Sage herb suits well with all kinds of meat dishes, giving them a wonderful aroma and specific taste. These days you can still find a great number of recipes that include sage herb in modern cook books.

But besides all these uses as medical agent or a kitchen spice - sage herb is also a very easy to grow and nice looking plant for your garden. Many people cultivate sage herb with only a decorative purpose.

If you want to start growing sage as a plant in your garden you will need to find sage seeds and sow them in early spring right into the open ground. Try to seed sage about 35-40 cm away from each other to give plats enough space to grow. It won't give you flowers in a first year but the next year you will be enjoying wonderful colored sage flowers.

After the second year (when the plant is already strong enough) you can also take cutting for any purpose - to use it in your kitchen or for future planting (sage herb can also be grown from cuttings, although it is not that simple and takes some gardening experience). Sage herb likes rich soil and pretty amount of sun so try to find an appropriate place in your garden for sage plants. Sage herb do not like cold, so provide a good shelter when it is cold in winter.

Sage herb can also be grown in pots, but as long as it grows very slowly, you'd better buy a mature plant, if you want to have a sage herb in pot at home. In that case pot for the sage plant has to be big enough (at least 30 cm in diameter) and don't forget to give your sage herb a good watering. Cut leaves from your sage herbs from time to time a little bit, if you want it to look bushier.
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