Russian models represented by Tatiana Zdrok and Natalia Sokolova

Tatiana Zdrok and Natalia Sokolova are among the most popular Russian models. Both of the girls are very intelligent and have degrees. Tatiana moved to the USA after her mother and sister moved there. It was rather difficult for her to get the visa at that time. As for Natalia she had a lot of opportunities to see the world thanks to her academic success. She graduated from high school and consequently university in the USA.
Tatiana Zdrok is one of the most popular Russian models. Her father was a photojournalist and her mother was an educational researcher. Her sister Victoria Nika is one year younger. In childhood the girl had artistic inclinations. That is why she was involved into studying drawing, ballet and piano. Later she was a success in such athletic activities as track and field. While being a teenager the girl also modeled. After graduation from high school, the girl entered the Ukrainian University. Her specialty was archaeology. As the parents of the girl were not members of the Communist party, they made their daughter ineligible. That is why she had to start the work of a secretary in a tourist organization. Some time later the girl got interested in bodybuilding thought the sport was next to illegal in the former USSR. Tatiana was also a student of Kiev University and got the degree in teaching. When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power and introduced free enterprise, the girl got the job of a manager in a private company. When her mother and sister moved to the USA, she moved to Moscow and tried to get the visa to the USA as well. It continued for two years because it was rather difficult for an attractive woman to get visa to the USA. Nevertheless, she finally got the visa and moved to America and learned English there. While living in America Tatiana got a Ph. D. in archaeology. Together with her sister Tatiana started her nude modeling career. Along with her mother and sister the girl appeared topless on the Howard Stern radio show. Natalia Sokolova is another one of famous Russian models. The girl is one of those Russian models whom it took rather a long time to get to the pages and cover of magazines. Coming from Russia to Los Angeles is not the only difficulty. The girl also managed to recover after a very serious car accident. The girl was born on October 15, 1975. The family of Natalia can be characterized as academic. Her parents taught her to work hard and to use every moment. The girl has always been an intelligent student as excellence and intelligence are in her genes. Natalia was often chosen to represent Russia at different international competitions. So, she had a good opportunity to travel all over the world. For example, the girl was represented in Japan as a Child of Peace. She also spent some time in London where she had a good opportunity to perfect the knowledge of her English. Thanks to the mastered knowledge of English the girl managed to win the language competition of Moscow State University. The girl was also selected as an exchange student to the USA. In America she studied at a high school. It was rather difficult for the girl to part with her parents and dog, though she enjoyed her staying in the USA very much. At the age of 16 the girl finished the high school and continued her studies at Maryland University. After graduation from the University the girl was offered to appear in Playboy. Besides appearing in Playboy the girl also appeared in Baywatch and in different TV commercials. As well as other Russian models the girl continues her model career that gives her a unique opportunity to see the world.
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