Rugby Union Clubs - Popular All Over Europe and Asia

Rugby is not just a game of broken noses and beefy bodies. It takes skill, quick reflexes and unheard of stamina. When we talk about rugby union clubs we can as well talk about rugby-playing nations because this sport (rugby union) has a great number of international competitions, very prestige competitions. That's why it is essential to speak about rugby union national teams, which can be considered as elite ones (e. g. Los Pumas).

Rugby union is a game, a sport which is played according to the rules established in famous Rugby school that is considered to be the origin place of all kinds and variations of rugby. Rugby union is traditionally believed to be a "gentlemen's rugby" and is very prestigious kind of sports. Rugby union clubs have a great number of participants as well as fans all over the world.

There is an organization being in charge of rugby union called the International Rugby Board (IRB). This organization states the order of conducting all the international championships and competitions and takes control for observing rugby union rules. Each rugby-playing nation has its national rugby union clubs to participate in international rugby union competitions. There are various competitions. But the most important ones are: Rugby Union World Cup, Six Nations Championship and Tri Nations Series. Let's talk a bit about each of them.

Rugby Union World Cup is taken once every four years and has a male and female version.

Six Nations Championship is taken once a year and is said to be the tournament of classic rugby playing nations. As it's clearly seen from its name that there are six nations participating: England, France, Italy, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Tri Nations Series are played among the rugby union clubs from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

There is also a good variety of other national and international tournaments, e. g. Super 14, Heineken Cup, European Challenge Cup, Top League, etc.

To give the examples of rugby union clubs we have taken two famous and outstanding teams: Los Pumas and the Dragons.

Los Pumas is the nickname of the Argentina National Rugby Union Club. Argentina is one of the oldest rugby-playing nations and Los Pumas is the most successful and strong rugby union team in the South America. It was established in the 19th century and got its nickname in 60s of the 20th century.

From the very beginning it was a winning team that won a great number of matches in Latin America. In 1987, the team obtained its membership in the International Rugby Board (IRB) and took part in the Rugby World Cup. The greatest success of Los Pumas at the international arena occurred in 1999 when they reached quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup.

Now, though this team cannot be called one of the leading international clubs, it holds its strong positions and is considered to be perspective one and maybe one day it will become the Rugby World Champion.

The Dragons is the nickname of Wales National Rugby Union team. It is considered to be one of the strongest and greatest rugby union clubs. It is one of those teams that created the history of rugby. It is one of the top rugby union teams in the world. The Dragons have won Six Nations Championship more than 20 times.

Every four years they take part in the Rugby World Cup. In 1987, the Dragons rose as high as to the third position in the Rugby World Cup. Now in spite of the chain of failures in 1990s this club remains a high-rating and extremely respectable rugby union club.

Year by year the rugby union game is becoming more and more interesting thanks to such teams as Los Pumas, the Dragons and others.

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