Rugby Teams and Their Relationship to the Rugby Union Description

Rugby; part soccer, part football, part craziness! A game with a ball. Sounds simple enough. But there's more to it than that. Many years ago different laws were made against "crowd football" as the game was then so-called. Kings thought that it led to disorder in the country. Step by step this game became popular at English schools and colleges. The moment when a new game appeared was in 1823. It happened in the city of Rugby when one of the players caught a ball and went with it to the town of his sport rivals. Later the rugby union and rugby union description appeared.

Rugby is a game with an oval ball. The aim of the game is to pass the ball to each other with hands and feet to score a goal. For every goal points are added. So, the winner of the game is the team which received more points during the game. The related rugby kinds of sports are rugby-13, the American football, the Australian football and others. .

The first rugby rules were established in the nineteenth century. But there were many contradictions. Some people were for the fact that one needed to play this game only by legs, other people thought - by legs and with hands. These arguments had lasted till the twenty sixth of October, 1863 when at one meeting there was a division into football supporters and rugby supporters.

Now it is time to get down to rugby union description. In 1871, the rugby union was created and official rugby union rules were made. In that year the rugby became to look like the modern one. And then there was the first international match between England and Scotland. But it took much time to approve united rugby rules. So, during the international match in 1871 every team had twenty players. But some time later every team had fifteen players. The system of point calculation was changed sometimes.

The rugby union description is the following. The rugby union history began in 1871 when Scottish Rugby Union was created; in 1875 the rugby union was created in Ireland. In 1890, they united into the International Rugby Football Board. Later Australia, New Zeeland and the South Africa joined this union. Nowadays the rugby union includes about one hundred countries. In 1990, the rugby union became professional.

In 1934, FIRA ((Federation Internationale de Rugby Amateur) was created. FIRA is an international rugby federation for amateurs. Firstly FIRA included Germany, France, Italy and others.

So, the first official rules appeared in the second part of the nineteenth century. The main rules remain unchangeable but from time to time definite specifications are made. They make the game moving and brighter.

The rugby union rules are the following:

- Every team has to conclude fifteen, ten or seven players
- The players have to move with the ball in their hands, passing it, kicking it to get as many points as possible.
- The team which has more points is a winner in the rugby game.

It is forbidden:

- To push, attack other players
- For a player who is "out of game" to run and take part in the game
- To strike the sport rival with a hand
- To put a foot on the rival if he is lying

The game is regarded to be dishonest if the player does something on purpose to break any point of the rugby game. If any player makes the rugby game dangerous he can be moved off the field or warned by the referee. There is one term which is very important in the rugby. This term is "out of game". It means that the player turned out in the position in which he hasn't right in the game.

So, the whole above-mentioned information was about rugby union description and rugby rules. Thus, the rugby union description is many rugby teams from over the world. It appeared in 1871. But rugby rules were always being changed. Of course, the main rules remained unchangeable. In 1990, the rugby union became professional.

Rugby. A "thinking man's" sport, for men without a lot to think about.

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