Raw food recipes popularity

The growth of popularity of vegetarian nutrition system is obvious. Every day a number of vegetarian food restaurants are open in big cities. Although everyone chooses his own way of nutrition. Numerous researches show that veganism helps to improve health and develop strong sound mind. But the most important item is the choice of individual vegetarian diet.

Veganism is one of the most popular vegetarian branches that is constantly speeding up. This new nutrition system tendency has a lot of variants ant types: fruitarism, raw food eating, etc. One of the most common reasons for stepping the path of veganism is intension to prevent diseases (heart diseases, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc.). But the number of people believes that vegan raw food diet and any raw food recipes are more harmful than useful and their risk is still very high.

It is obvious that veganism as one of the extreme vegetarianism types is under the strongest control. Vegans are representatives of the strongest vegetarians who do not consume any animal products (no meat, fish, eggs, diary products, etc.), not even cosmetics and other consumer goods tested on animals and containing animal products as ingredient.

As for a group of people who prefer raw food they are positively sure that only raw food recipes contain all necessary ingredients that can be easily ruined by heating. Though, sometimes they afford slight raw food cooking (the temperature should be not more than 46 C). With their experience they try to prove everyone that raw food is the best choice for everyone (adults and children). Actually many facts show that raw food is really easier for digestion and human's organism in general. A number of vegan restaurants and raw food recipes books minimized the difficulties connected with raw food eating.

It should be mentioned that the experience of raw plant food eating is detected during the time of our ancestors, as most tribes till the exact moment were more gatherers than hunters. The history of veganism passed through different stages: religious, social, psychological, nutrition; environment, spiritual, etc.

The basis of development the vegetarian nutrition system got in India. As for vegan food products they got the first position in the Great Britain after opening some organizations of vegans. The ideas of these clubs members inspired most vegetarians all over the world although their ideals were very strict.

The experienced dietitians pay special attention on vegan preparation. It is dangerous just to give up with traditional eating system and start following the raw food nutrition system. It is strongly recommended to get professional consultation on vegetarian diets, raw food recipes and necessary raw food products selection. Every vegan should follow individually balanced diet; the opportunity of family diet recipe does not work.

The weak point of all vegan nutrition systems is absence of exact proved works about preferable proportion and variation of raw food in everyday nutrition ration. The number of research works in this field is still insignificant. So, the war between plant food eating and meat food eating representatives is still continuing; obvious health improvement results are observed from both sides. The hope is that in future humanity will concern not in useless debates but scientific exploring of vegetarianism phenomenon.

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