Premature birth information: causes and consequences of premature birth

Premature birth information is a rather important data which should be taken into consideration by all pregnant women because all premature babies are at risk of having various serious health problems. According to the common premature birth information there are several reasons for preterm babies to be at a greater risk of serious health problems.
Speaking about the premature birth information, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that most normal pregnancies last about 40 weeks. And it is evident that babies born between the 37th and 42nd weeks are called full-term. Premature babies are babies born on 37th week of pregnancy (these babies are also known as pre-term ones). It is interesting to admit that approximately 12% of babies are born preterm (according to the World Health Organization statistical data). Unfortunately about 10% of babies are born between 28 and 31 weeks of pregnancy; and 6% are born before the 28th week. And the babies born earlier than 37th week are at risk of different long-term disabilities and even death. Among the most commonly seen lasting disabilities experienced by preterm babies are cerebral palsy, mental retardation, gastrointestinal and lung problems, hear and vision loss. Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies and developments in neonatology and obstetrics the chance of such small babies for survival has been considerably improved. Every more or less educated person should know that the earlier the child is born, the less developed organs it has; therefore such baby is more likely to face various complications. It goes without saying preterm babies often require special care in the so-called neonatal intensive care unit (or NICU) where there is a definite equipment to deal with multiple preterm infants problems. It is worthy admitting that not only preterm babies appear to be sick and small. At the same time, they may behave in a different way comparing with full-term babies. They may also look differently, for example their skin may be wrinkled and thin and head usually appears to be too large comparing with the rest of the body. Nevertheless, do not worry much about this. These babies have they look they should have and will soon change their appearance and behavior at the certain stage of their development. In a couple of weeks preterm babies usually act like full-term ones and continue to have correct development and growth. Speaking about the premature birth information it is impossible not to tell you important reasons of premature births. First of all, premature labor may take place if a doctor induces the labor due to mother's health problems or various pregnancy complications. However, according to the premature birth information most of preterm childbirths occur spontaneously. So, the reasons for such situations have not been fully explored and figured out. According to the recent scientific research, in this field premature birth is considered to be the natural response of the woman's body to certain infections (including fetal membranes and amniotic fluid). It is worth taking into consideration that any woman can deliver the baby prematurely. But there is a certain group of women who are at a greater risk: women who had previous preterm birth, women pregnant with twins, triples or even more, women with some cervical or uterine abnormalities. So, one of the essential options to be taken is premature birth prevention. We hope our premature birth information will help you.
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