Teri Polo and Debbie Gibson - popular Playboy celebreties

Playboy celebrities have always been shown on the fabulous photos of popular Hollywood stars and models that consistently grace the covers of this magazine. The fact is that it was founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 and quickly became popular for its thrilling photos of beautiful women. Teri Polo and Debbie Gibson are the famous playboy celebrities, who made a contribution into the magazine's history and playboy industry.
Playboy magazine and its seductive Playboy celebreties always attracted the attention of men all around the world. Many Playboy celebreties (models, actresses, singers, etc.) have exclusively posed for Playboy magazine over the years. This magazine shows the readers only so-called "tasteful" pictures and photos. Therefore they are often considered to be the "soft core" adult material. Such famous people appeared in the playboy magazine: Farrah Fawcett, Cindy Crawford, Katarina Witt, Naomi Campbell, Kim Basinger, Bo Derek, Stephanie Seymour and Sharon Stone. But the article will make a stress only on some of the well-known Playboy celebreties - mostly Teri Polo and Debbie Gibson. Debbie Gibson (or Deborah Ann Gibson) is an American singer who was primarily the Teen idol. She repeatedly appeared on the cover of teen magazine called Tiger Beat. In her teen-idol period of life she gave an outstanding preference to her name Debbie; but in contrast to this - later there was a prevalence of Deborah. Debbie Gibson was born in August, 31, 1970 in Brooklyn, (New York). At the age of five she and her sisters started to perform in a local community theater, then her first song was written. When Debbie was eight years of old, she sang at the chorus for children in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. It is interesting to admit that there she had an opportunity to meet Plácido Domingo and other famous singers. At the age of twelve the girl was already performing as an actress in the Broadway. When Debbie turned sixteen she signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. She succeeded to become the youngest person who could write a record and produce hit number one - a single called the "Foolish Beat". She also released several other singles (for example, "Only in my dreams") which were rather popular among her fans and speed it to the top. Her talent was properly estimated and loved not only in the USA, but also in the UK, South-East Asia and Japan. After making a release of the single "Naked" Debbie Gibson became one of the playboy celebreties. Some of her fans used to her previous wholesome image, that's why it appeared to be rather controversial event. That Playboy issue featured a nude photo with Debbie Gibson was on March, 2005. What can be inferred about Teri Polo? Her full name is Theresa Elizabeth Polo. She was born in Dover (Delaware) on June 1, 1969. Teri Polo is famous for being an American actress best known for the Pamela Byrnes role in the movie called "Meet the Parents" (2000 year) and its sequel "Meet the Fockers" (2004). Teri Polo was a guest in many television shows including the Felicity, Sports Night, Practice and Chicago Hope. The popularity of Teri Polo increased thanks to the Playboy featuring her nude pictures in the February 2005. Thus, Debbie Gibson and Teri Polo have belonged to the well-known playboy celebrities since the beginning of 2005. They are beautiful, confident and outstanding women attracting the attention of millions of men.
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