Skin burns care depends on the degree and severity of particular burn

Skin burns care is an essential part of burns treatment. There are three degrees of skin burns, which have their peculiarities, level of deepness and severity. So, skin burns care for different skin burns types will be different. But there are some common rules taken into account, when caring for burns. For example, it is necessary to immerse in cold water, cool the damaged area.
Skin burn is defined as an injury destroying and damaging different skin layers. Skin burns can be caused by a wide range of factors, for example, exposure to excessive heat (primarily from flames, hot liquids, sun, etc.), certain chemicals or electricity. Skin burns are painful. When you have a skin burn the blood vessels become full of fluid leaks. In addition, the damaged skin surface becomes more vulnerable to external infections. The reason is that burnt skin cannot be a good barrier against invading organisms anymore. Skin burns have their classification an injury according to which particular skin burns care is performed. Doctors used to classify burns into minor and major ones (according to widely accepted definitions). The severity of any skin burn is determined by doctors by examining the percentage of the damaged body area. There's also another classification of skin burns depending on their severity and deepness. An appropriate care for different skin burns types should be carried out. Be aware the first step in skin burns care is to stop the damaged area from inflicting any additional damage. For, example, it is necessary to extinguish fires. Any smoldering (synthetic) clothes should be immediately removed. If the burn isn't very deep and painful the skin burns care can be performed at home. It means keeping the burns clean to prevent any possible infection, but don't immerse in cold water. For about few days people get analgetics to lower the pain. Skin burn may be covered with a sterile gauze or non-stick bandage. Sometimes, if you have a skin burn of the second or third degree hospitalization is required. In hospital you will be able to get optimal care. So, if the burns are severe and rather deep, medical experts recommend getting appropriate skin burns care. Such centers are, as a rule, properly staffed and equipped. Speaking about chemical skin burns, it's worth admitting they require quire different skin burns care. First of all, be aware that skin contacts with chemicals usually result in severe burns. As long as chemical remains on skin it will keep on doing harm. Never try to puncture or treat any blisters caused by chemicals! It is necessary to flush the burn for approximately fifteen minutes and then apply some antibiotic ointment and dress the area with sterile gauze. In case your skin burn is major, seek efficient medical attention. Skin burns care means you should avoid doing something which can make your condition deteriorate. For example, don't apply ointment (excluding cases with chemical burns), ice, butter, creams, oil sprays, medications and other home-made remedies if they are not prescribed by your doctor. If you do the burn may become contaminated. Don't immerse in cold water or apply cold compresses. It's important to know this may cause the victim of skin burn into shock. Don't disturb dead skin, blisters or skin around the damaged area. This may increase the risk of scaring or infection. Finally, if skin burns care is not performed properly in time this may result in death. That's why it's always better to ask for professional medical help especially if you recognize the signs of shock.
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