Besides rich organic and vitaminous composition, Black walnut extract is also characterized by strong antiseptic properties

Common application of black walnut extract is not confined to treating digestive and bowel irregularities, blood oxygenation and cleansing the body of parasites. Black walnut extract proves a potent remedy for all kinds of skin issues, for example, scratches, bruises, skin rashes, herpes, fungal infections. Black walnut extract is sure to provide a considerable relief in short time.

Other names for Black walnut are English walnut and Persian walnut. The very name "walnut" in Greek stands for "foreign nut". The history of Black walnut extract application is very long and eventful. At first, walnuts were thought to benefit the brain. This conclusion was not based on observations, but rather on the fact that walnuts resemble human brain in their shape.

Black waltun is a toxic plant. People in the Roman times were already aware of the plant's toxicity. At that time Pliny noted that walnut trees have a poisoning effect on "all" plants. Later the researches continued and they showed that there is a specific chemical, which is involved, and its mode of action. During researches some plants were classified as sensitive to the chemical, others - as tolerant to black walnuts. Sensitive plants that are being grown nearby black walnut trees show symptoms of foliar yellowing, wilting and death eventually. The chemical that causes this is called "juglone" and it is presented in all parts of black walnut plants. Juglone chemical influences plants metabolic activity.

Nevertheless, long time ago people started using black walnut in medicinal purposes. Asians considered Black walnut extract to be a kidney tonic, whereas some American Indian tribes valued walnuts as fertility charms. Today it is commonly known that fruit, leaves and bark of black walnut, as well as Black walnut extract, offer numerous benefits.

Due to the presence of tannins and quinone compounds in its chemical composition Black walnut extract is extremely effective in expelling all kinds of intestinal worms. It is extensively used as vermifuge and the result is unfailing. Besides, Black walnut extract is rich in iodine, trace minerals, linolenic acid, and vitamin C, which appears in the form of ascorbic acid. These compounds together with various alkaloids attribute anti-tumor properties to Black walnut extract and enable it to counteract parasitic and fungal infections.

Moreover, it is successfully used to address various skin issues. Applied externally, Black walnut extract provides cure for eczema, herpes, psoriasis as well as for skin parasites. It can not only heal skin sores, but it appears effective in dealing with mouth sores and restoring the tooth enamel. Still this is not the end of the list of possible Black walnut extract applications. It is also used to kill ringworm and tapeworms, as well as to eliminate troublesome growths, caused by viruses.

Black walnut extract is reputed to be beneficial for fungal and bacterial infections. Its anthelmintic property is provided by high tannin content as well as such constituents as juglandin, juglone and juglandic acid. Traditionally Black walnut extract is resorted to in case of thyroid under action, diarrhea, asthma, lung disease and sore throat. It is also sure to prove useful when applied to tighten the gums. Antiseptic and healing properties are attributed to Black walnut extract by the organic iodine, which is present in the green husk of the walnut fruit. The proof of the high content of organic iodine is in the brown stains that are visible with the naked eye.

Therefore, Black walnut extract is another precious gift of nature to the mankind.

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