Peculiarities of normal to oily combination skin type

Combination skin is known to be the combination of both dry and oily skin types. But normal to oily combination is also possible. It is characterized by an oily skin on t-zone (covering the forehead, chin and nose) and at the same time normal skin on cheeks, areas around eyes and mouth. This type of skin is rather common and should be treated as if you had two different types of skin.
Generally, five kinds of skin with variable distinguishing features are known: normal, dry, oily, combined (or mixed) and sensitive one. And as we get older, we start to notice the changes in our skin appearance in response to environmental and way-of-life factors. Speaking about normal to oily combination of skin, it should be said that evaluating you skin type is usually hard and takes time. Variable external factors have an impact on our skin; for example, season of the year, occupation and everyday activities. But if you are teenager you are likely to have normal to oily combination. One of the distinguishing features of normal to oily combination skin is a shiny look. It is a common knowledge normal skin is considered to be the mix between oily and all other skin types. But still it inhabits the features of oily skin type, that`s why normal and oily skin are placed in one category. People with normal to oily combination usually have normal skin on cheeks and oily skin on t-zone. T-zone is known as an area stretching across the forehead and down the nose and chin. The pores in the mentioned zone are usually enlarged. Be aware that oily skin type features are considered to be caused mainly by glands which produce excessive sebum making skin coarser in texture. The amount of perspiration and oil secreted by glands of different people depends on a wide variety of both internal and external factors such as the entire physical and emotional health of the person, environment, climate and lifestyle. It is worth admitting people with oily skin should avoid using the remedies and substances, which can leave the skin dehydrated and taut. If you do the upper skin layers will probably shrink and lead to pore blockages (or breakouts). It's a real trick for normal to oily combination skin to find an appropriate number of treatment products which will be able to keep skin properly hydrated and at the same time to minimize oily shine and breakouts on the t-zone. That is why it is necessary to look for the remedies designed intentionally for normal to oily combination skin, use only water-based moisturizers; but be aware not to apply much of this moisturizer to oily skin. Normal to oily combination skin can be balanced with the help of applying products which contain vitamin A retinols and alpha hydroxy acids. The make-up for this skin type should be oil-absorbing (to reduce excessive shine in oily areas). Some medical experts indicate that combination skin should be treated as two different skin types meaning that different kinds of products are to be applied on different skin areas (depending on the level of oiliness). On the whole, the skin condition of a person depends greatly on both his/her physical and emotional health. At the same time, some external factors are likely to influence the look of the human skin (for example, climate, environment and skin care products used). Be aware that skin is one of the most important organs of your body requiring daily care. It is worth mentioning that people with normal to oily combination skin type should permanently assess their skin and use different skin care products.
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