Natural birth advantages saved for mother and baby

There are a lot of numerous natural birth advantages. The mother is able to control her body completely and to avoid routine medical interventions. It is one of the most important advantages for a child. Women can also choose the midwife who will provide them with care during pregnancy and labor. But the woman should realize that discomfort and pain are the part and parcel of such a birth.
Specialists single out the following natural birth advantages. This type of childbirth is ideal for those who want to control their body as much as possible, to be active participants during the whole labor process and, of course, to have as little interventions to the birth process as possible. Those who choose this type of birth should be aware of the fact that they are going to experience discomfort and pain as part and parcel of childbirth. But if the support and preparation are well-organized, the woman is going to feel satisfied and empowered by the childbirth. So, if you have made up your mind to have natural birth, it is of paramount importance to think through every detail for it. First of all, it is necessary to work out a special birth plan. You should think over the caregiver you want to be with you during the labor and the environment. You should be sure that you have good labor support. It is also necessary to educate yourself about different coping and childbirth techniques. One of the natural birth advantages is that you can choose the place where you want to have the delivery. You can have it in a common hospital setting free of dugs, in a birth centre and even at home. If you are going to have your natural childbirth in the hospital setting, it is necessary to discuss your goals and wishes with your caregiver and discuss which medical interventions are routine and how you can get around them. For example, moving around can get difficult because of such interventions as having continuous electronic monitoring or IV. To cope without drugs is rather difficult, but not impossible. One of the natural birth advantages is an opportunity to choose the midwife who will guide the woman in the natural childbirth. Midwives are trained to help you in coping with your needs and demands. Traditionally, midwives stay with women during the whole labor. But if the woman chooses a doctor to attend her childbirth, she is likely to give birth in the hospital. It will be nurses of the staff who are going to help you cope with the labor. But it is also necessary to remember that in spite of the fact that nurses are trained in coping techniques for natural birthing, you do not know who will help you during the labor. That is why one of the natural birth advantages is to choose a midwife who will coach you through your pregnancy and delivery. You two will be rather close when the due date comes. As choosing a caregiver is one of the most valuable natural birth advantages, try to get the best of it. Try to choose a midwife who has a strong focus upon the natural birth. It is also good to have a caregiver who was trained in the Bradley or Lamaze method. Such a caregiver is going to teach you different coping methods and to help you realize what to be ready for in the labor. If the woman realizes what happens to her body on each stage of the labor, she can make her own decisions and work with body's good performance. It is possible to summarize that natural birth advantages include both advantages for women and advantages for child.
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