Modern Day Masseur tools Include Electronic Vibrating Equipment and Hot Oil

When it comes to masseur tools, electronic vibrating equipment is being used more than ever before. This almost seems in conflict with the traditional methods of massage, which relied exclusively on rubbing and hand friction and the use of hot oil. But times are apparently changing; many massage-equipment manufacturers are taking the massage industry to a new level. Whole body armchair-massagers, sofas and beds with electronic vibrating equipment inside are the norm. It's almost making the human masseuse obsolete!

Masseur is the person who performs massage including manual therapy. In his practice, he may apply some techniques: with assist of hand, with the help of special masseur tools including vibrating, pressing, etc. The basic goal is to make a certain influence on muscles, tendon, ligament and bones connections. The practice of masseur is therapeutically used means to different body areas or at whole organism. Using as well hands as masseur tools he cures damages, reduces pressure, treats illness and ache, recovers movement and reduces nervousness.

The masseur helps consumers and patients to create special plan of massage treatment and proposes them test for some parts of body or for the whole body. Therefore, he should prescribe some tasks to do:

  1. to manipulate
  2. to make self-help exercise
  3. to use in addition medicine management
  4. to serve the reached results
  5. to consult other professionals.

Massage process assumes the client lying on table of masseur or in a special chair for massage that may act as common masseur tools, or on the floor mattress.

Though basically without any clothes the body should be covered with towel, sheet or blanket. This in addition assists keeping the clients in heat. In some countries it is demanded that some areas such as the genital of male and female (breasts and nipple's area of female) must be covered at all times. Agreeing to the recommended physic contact between the masseur and the customer, sex is not common, though in a great number of technical manuals this is undoubtedly a fact and touching is unintentional.

Basic kinds of massage can be done with tissue varying from soft to rough. The correct quality for therapeutic massage is when the patient feels some discomfort. Some light pain after the masseur actions is probable if it has place no more than three days, but if that feeling lasts more, it commonly testifies that it was too rough.

Nowadays we account more than 200 types of manual massage and more than 300 types of masseur tools including great spectrum of electronic vibrating equipment. There are a lot of massage types: Bre-ema body work. This type is made on floor and includes rhythmic and soft exercise leading to complete relaxation. It improves a patient's vital capability and stimulates self-treating process of the human body. Massage on a chair is also a very comfortable method to get better muscles movement and improved body circulation.

That type has a lot of advantages because it may be done at home or at work, when patients feel bad. However, in other types of so-called muscle-therapy massage masseur may use masseur tools to make practice more effective. It influences each muscle, by reducing of pressure on body during massage.

Massage with erotic results is also widespread. Sometimes it involves the massage of erotic zone of the body with assistance of special erotic stimulating electronic vibrating equipment. With the help of masseur tools the foot and hand massage also may be done and lead to complete rest and calm. The science about relaxation massage is called "reflexology". People in China know that each point on the foot or on hand corresponds to some internal area in our body: to stomach, liver or heart.

One of the most important masseur tools is the use of a hot bath with special useful herbs and cosmetic means which humidify and soften a patient's skin.

Nowadays, a lot of massage equipment manufacturers invent more and more new masseur tools: from small pocket called manual to huge armchair-massager made basically in Germany, sofas and beds with electronic vibrating equipment inside.

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