Chelsea Cooley and Shandi Finnessey - notable Miss USA winners

Miss USA is a popular beauty contest which has annually been held since 1952. The first Miss USA pageant took its place in the Long Beach, and the first winner was Jackie Loughery who was crowned the day before the winner of the first Miss Universe contest was crowned. But the article will pay attention to other well-known Miss USA winners - Chelsea Cooley (2005) and Shandi Finnessey (2004).
Miss USA pageant is the world-famous beauty contest organized by Miss Universe Organization which is considered to be the partnership between NBC Universal and Donald Trump. As it has already been mentioned the first Miss USA winner was Jackie Loughery (born in 1930). Her full name is Jacqueline Loughery. This woman is originally from New York City and known for being the winner of the first Miss USA beauty contest in 1952. As a matter of fact it was held in the Long Beach California). When Miss USA beauty pageant only started to be organized Miss USA winners received contracts with various production companies. For instance, part of Jackie Loughery's winning included the contract with Universal Pictures that helped her in her career in movies under the name of Evelyn Avery. Later she married a singer Guy Mitchell October 1953 and then - a well-known actor Jack Webb from Dragnet (July 1958). Speaking about modern Miss USA winners it's impossible not to take into consideration the winners of 2004 and 2005. Thus, the winner of the 2004 Miss USA beauty pageant is Shandi Finnessey who was born on the 14th of October, 1979 in Florissant (Missouri, USA). She is known to be a famous American model as well as the television host. However, the huge popularity was given to her after her winning the 2004 Miss USA beauty pageant, as the participant from Missouri. It's interesting to mention that Shandi Finnessey is not only a model; in 2002 she authored a children's book called "The Furrtails", which is aimed at helping children appreciate and respect individuality, understand their peers with various disabilities. Therefore, Shandi is considered to be one of the most friendly and notable Miss USA winners. Being the national Miss USA titleholder Shandi Finnessey became an official representative of the USA at the Miss Universe international competition. She proceeded to the pageant in Quito, Ecuador. Having placed second to Jennifer Hawkins of Australia, Shandi was chosen and called the first runner-up. It's interesting to admit that during her reign as one of the Miss USA winners Shandi became an advocate for ovarian and breast cancer awareness and research. Miss Universe Organization provided her with a luxury riverside apartment where she spend some periods of her reign. It's impossible not to mention that winning the Miss USA beauty pageant isn't the only her successful achievement. Prior to 2004 beauty contests she won the title of Miss Missouri (for Miss America pageant) and Miss St. Louis Metro (both in 2002). The winner of the 2005 Miss USA contest was chosen Chelsea Cooley, a 21-year-old girl from North Carolina. She was born on the 3rd of April, 1984 and became famous for being the first delegate from her birthplace to win the crown of Miss USA. She is not only a beautiful girl and one of the notable Miss USA winners, but also a confident person who attended the Art Institute and has the aim of being the respected and recognized figure in modern high fashion industry.
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