Miss International beauty pageant an outstanding festival of beauty

Miss International is a "Festival of Beauty" which is also sometimes referred to as the "Olympics of Beauty". The distinguishing feature of this pageant is that it's not based on looks alone. The contestants are expected to be the so-called "ambassadors of Peace and Beauty". According to Miss International rules, the ultimate goal of the contest is understanding, world peace and goodwill promotion.
Miss International beauty pageant is considered to be not only the simple beauty competition. It is something more demanding from the contestants to show friendship, tenderness, beauty, benevolence, ability to take action intelligence, and, which is very important - great international sensibility. Miss International beauty pageant gathers together people from all around the world. Miss International rules indicate that women competing in the pageant should sympathize with its philosophy and aim to increase the women's contribution into the international society. Miss International beauty pageant was established among the top three international contests of the world. It is known to have begun in the Long Beach, California in 1960. And since 1970 it has annually been held in Japan. It's interesting to admit that it was held each year in the same city. Nowadays the contest has the status of a "quasi-national" event. It has garnered the reputation of the "Olympics of Beauty". It exists not only as the festival of beauty, but also as a private-level diplomacy. Thanks to Miss International beauty pageant the representatives of various countries have an opportunity to deepen their friendship relations and goodwill through the close mutual exchange. Speaking about Miss International it is impossible not to mention that since 1977-1979 there have been no semi-finalists. The contest still attracts annually people from more than 60 nations of the world. Thus, the festival of beauty is performed by the representatives from many countries of the world. As it has already been mentioned the festival is known to symbolize the representatives' activities as "ambassadors of peace and beauty" which expand the world's friendship network and deepen mutual exchange between nations. Many contestants of Miss International beauty pageant feel self-conscious because of possible differences in manners, culture, language, religion between representatives of different countries. However, this is usually improved by communicating and acting together. At the same time such features of integral woman as friendship, benevolence and tenderness can help and become a foundation for the world peace and international goodwill. Miss International winners are chosen not only for her external beauty, but also taken into account the women's ability to take action, intelligence, possessing an outstanding international sensibility for every national representative competing with her for contributions into international society achievement. Being the winner, Miss International should continue her activities toward international contribution during all her future life. And it is so. Good examples are Maria Stella Marquez Zawadzky from Colombia (the winner of 1960), Stam (Stanny) Van Baer from Holland (1961), Tania Verstak from Australia (1962), Gudrun Bjarnadottir from Iceland (1963), Gemma Teresa Guerrero Cruz from Philippines (1964), Ingrid Finger from Germany (1965) and many others.
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