Methods of Shopping Treatment as a Means of Curing Shopping Addiction

As with any other addiction, shopping addiction should not be perceived as something funny or not serious enough to be worried about. Of course it is not alcohol or any other kind of drug that enthralls an individual's body. In any representation, whether it is a physical or moral addiction, it turns a person into a slave. Sometimes moral or mental addiction is more difficult to get rid of. Shopping treatment of an addiction is an effective way of preventing shopping binges and stopping over-shopping.

As life keeps on moving and people grow up they begin to meet problems and difficulties. Some are strong enough to overcome stresses, anger, difficulties at work, university or in private life without any assistance. But others are objected to influence of so-called antidepressants. We often read or hear about cases of drug or alcohol dependency. Such kinds of addiction are spoken about everywhere. But why don't we take care of our mind and soul? We can cure an organism with the help of medicines. But emotional treatment takes much more time and diligence.

Shopping addiction is one of those addictions that stress a person's mind. If you feel that you go shopping just to get a high, if you buy things that you actually do not need, if you start lying or even stealing you might be a shopaholic. Having such a disease is rather hard to keep on moving. So, as any other addiction it can and must be cured.

What does the shopping treatment consist of? First of all, that person must realize that he or she is addicted and wants to be cured. Such kind of addiction needs a versatile treatment. It is very important to combine in shopping treatment both pills and with the help of psychologist, because medicine can cure an organism but without professional psychological help shopping addiction may proceed in alcohol or gambling dependency. It is necessary to make a person understand that he doesn't need any of it.

Shopping treatment has several ways. It can be a counseling of professional or a self-help group, where you will have a chance to talk about your common problem. Another variant of shopping treatment is stopping overshopping - a ten week group therapy program. Such kind of treatment was developed by Ph. D. April Lane Benson in 2004.

Another person that can help you is you yourself by trying to prevent shoppnig binges. How is it possible to do? Nothing difficult! The main what you ought to have is will, power and some good pieces of advice:

- try to pay in shops or warehouses by cash or check

- Better get rid of credit cards, leave one only for emergency cases

- Always make a shopping list and do not recede from it

- The best for you is "window- shopping", after the working day of stores is over. If you do such binges during the day, try to forget your money at office or home

- It would be better for you to avoid orders by catalog and shopping channels on TV

- While visiting your friends and relatives abroad prepare your gifts beforehand. Everybody, especially women, knows how hard it is not to go shopping in a foreign country

- If you feel the inflow of addiction try to distract yourself with something or simply take a walk.

As it was mentioned before life is full of happy and unpleasant moments. But people shouldn't give up with difficulties appear. And we shouldn't forget about people that love us and whom we love. Don't you think it would be better to meet together for a cup of coffee and just talk? Friends are your best help!

In any way don't lock in your own world and don't give up. The sooner you get help, the sooner you feel yourself a happy person again.

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