Meter Based Diabetes Tests And Glucose Test Strips

Diabetes is one of leading killers in the United States and other Western countries. Mostly it affects people suffering from obesity. In order to prevent this incurable disease you have to get diagnosed first. Presently you can diagnose yourself at home with glucose test strips. Meter based diabetes tests show very good results.

In the past, before blood glucose monitors were invented, urine testing had been the only way for evaluating the blood glucose level. However, urine testing doesn't provide precise results and it is insufficient for making a complete picture of diabetes management. You can do a glucose test at home using glucose test strips. Strips are very convenient for home use. Usually they are less expensive than blood glucose strips and they are now held as a standard when it comes to doing diabetes tests.

Blood glucose strips can be either in vials or foil-wrapped. Since the strips are subject to light, changes in temperature, and humidity, you should store them according to manufacturer's recommendations. Foil-wrapped blood glucose strips are preferable for the preservation of integrity. Urine glucose strips should be stored in a clean, dry place. Urine glucose strips are very easy-to-use - it is only necessary to soak it in urine and you will get the results right away. However, some strips react and saturate slowly so take your time.

Levels of blood glucose result in the strip's color changes. Various colors indicate different levels of blood glucose. If you experience problems with color perception glucose test strips won't be useful for you. Inappropriate storage and handling can also distort results. In addition, there are certain medications that can distort the results. If you undergo a treatment with such medications, glucose test strips won't help you. So, before you test your glucose level with such methods be sure to check with your health care advisor about the medications you take.

Now let's learn about meter based diabetes tests. Controlling one's blood sugar is necessary if you have diabetes and want to remain healthy. People who are suffering from diabetes use two kinds of tests: meter based diabetes tests and other glucose tests. Meter based diabetes tests can be applied anywhere: at home, work or school. In order to test the level of blood glucose using a typical glucose strip you need to drop some blood on the strip. The surface of the strip is coated with chemicals that will cause changes in color or electrical conductivity.

Meter based diabetes tests help discover a current glucose level very fast. Presently more than twenty-five different meter based diabetes tests are available. They are different from each other in various parameters such as the amount of blood necessary for the test, testing speed, ability to store results for a certain period of time, the meter price and the price of test strips. There are several forms of diabetes and every person suffering from it requires an individual monitoring plan. The frequency of performing meter based diabetes tests depends on the severity of diabetes.

Anyway you should get in touch with a health care professional before buying a glucose meter. If you take insulin you cannot manage without a glucose meter. Tests should be performed on a regular basis in this case. You should also know how to perform meter based diabetes tests. First of all, wash your hands and dry the area with alcohol. Then prick the fingertip and catch the blood drop with the strip. After a brief lapse of time the result will appear on the meter.

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